How Tall Is Taylor Momsen?

Taylor Michel Momsen – the famous seventeen year old musician, actress and model. Taylor stars as Jenny in the television show called gossip girl. She is the vocalist in the famous band – The Pretty Reckless and has also starred in a few movies such as How The Grinch Stole Christmas. and Spy Kids 2.

Most girls stop growing around sixteen to eighteen and as Taylor reaches the age of eighteen on the 26th of July she most likely won’t be growing much more. Due to Taylor being a model many girls wonder how tall the beautiful model and actress is, especially if they desire to be a model. When the actress signed up to be a model her details that she gave in her portfolio to many modelling agencies state that she was almost 5 foot eight and she says that she hasn’t grown much since. This height is also confirmed by comparing her height to other celebrities that have known heights.

Some people say she looks smaller than this, but this may be because of the camera angles and others say she looks taller, but this can be due to her 3 inch high heels.

In June 2008, at the age of fourteen, Momsen signed to IMG Models and Taylor was the face of British fashion chain New Look for its spring/summer 2010 collection.

Her music career started in March 2009 when (in an interveiw) Taylor told OK magazine that her band ‘pretty reckless’ had signed up to interscope records. She writes all the songs, sings and plays simple guitar on the album.

For more information on Taylor momsen including more details on her heights and life visit the website below. It will also include information on how to be taller!