Can You Get a Girl Back If She Hates You? Turn Her Hate Into Love With These 7 Amazing Steps

Without love there cannot be hate. The very fact that your girlfriend hates you now means she once loved you very dearly; after all we don’t hate strangers. All you have to do now is to capitalize on this connection and turn her hate into admiration if not love. Don’t know how? Well, read on and find out.

Agree with her decision

Meet her immediately after the breakup and tell her that you agree with her decision to split from you. Tell her if that is what will make her happy, you will respect her decision. However, don’t forget to regret the breakup and say sorry if you caused it.

Don’t show any inclination to meet her or acknowledge her

Having apologized to her once now you have to act aloof and distant. Don’t show any interest in meeting her or in calling her or even enquiring about her to common friends. This will ensure that her anger turns into bewilderment as you are showing no interest in her.

Give your friends more importance

Since you are no longer a couple your friends take precedence over your ex. Be with them all the time and have all the fun you can. If you happen to work in the same office then make sure that you spend all the time with your other colleagues instead of hovering around her.

Increase your contact with other girls

To further compound her problems start meeting and mixing with other girls. Become friendly and popular amongst them and let them see how good a company you are. They will love the attention you give them.

Show that you are enjoying your freedom

Your face should reflect the happiness you are feeling within you. Remain cheerful and in good spirits. You have to show that the breakup has not affected you.

Subtle hints that you are approachable

Send her mixed signals that you are still there for the taking. At times give her a smile and at times ignore her completely. Whenever you are in the same group make sure you make her feel happy; regale her with your witty anecdotes and humor. She should begin to miss the good times she spent with you.

Start afresh

Slowly she will be drawn towards you. If she does then don’t rake up the past and tell her that you would like to start afresh. Treat this relationship as a brand new one and woo her all over again albeit in a far better way than before.