9 Reasons You Should Be Dating A CrossFit Chick

Guys are always trying to figure out reasons for, or not to date a chick. There’s a million reasons that play into what kind of girls we as guys should be dating. So let’s start with why guys should be dating athletes, in particular, athletes that do CrossFit.

1. CrossFit girls are seriously fit. You ever seen the CrossFit Games? Has anyone ever watched those girls and thought anything but “Wow! Those girls are attractive”. You sick of going to the gym and seeing your girl on the elliptical even though you know it’s a waste of their time. Well, now not only will they be doing real functional exercises, but you will have an actual lifting partner, not just someone who shares the ride to the gym with you.

2. CrossFit girls show Dedication. I don’t know about you guys, but I want a girl who has her own goals, not just a girl who muddles around me. CrossFit chicks tend to not only be dedicated to getting better at CrossFit, but also better in life. That whole mentality, “If I can finish this today’s CrossFit WOD, than I can do anything”. Expect goal oriented chicks, who are the aforementioned “Hot chicks” in reason #1.

3. CrossFit girls are (for the most part) “guy’s girls.” – CrossFit chicks want the lift that’s the hardest, and will make them the best at sports. This natural interest in sport-specific workouts often translates into a fascination of other athletes and their sports. Expect them to watch the game with you on Sunday.

4. Independence is key for CrossFit girls. CrossFit chicks don’t need us men. They are independent, if you are holding her back from her gym time, than they will kiss you goodbye, because they want their extra time to be spent at their CrossFit WOD. Don’t get me wrong, if she WANTS you in her life, than you will have her. But try to keep up!

5. CrossFit Girls are Competitive. These girls feel like the sky is the limit. You will find yourself pushed in life, as hard as they are pushed in the gym. Who wants the girl who’s scared to try things? Nobody! These CrossFit chicks will push you as hard as your friends will, but good luck being as good at anything as them! Don’t want to lose to a girl? Than be competitive right back, it’s all part of the fun!

7. You ever tried a CrossFit Girls last Paleo recipe? You ever had any of these meals? They are incredible. Some CrossFit girls are more Paleo than others, but regardless, you will find yourself eating DELICIOUS meals, your wasteline shrinking while she gets more sexy as well. They don’t eat peckishly, instead they eat heartily trying to strengthen their body, not just make it skinny.

8. CrossFit Girls have Personality. To do CrossFit you have to thrive in a group setting. You have to be able to be competitive with a group, and yet not scared of having others beat you. Expect girls who are witty, sharp tongued and love practical jokes.

9. CrossFit girls have great sex: Physical fitness lead to better sex. Not only will she be more attractive, but she will also be stronger, have better stamina, more flexibility, etc. So if the first nine reasons why you should be dating a CrossFit girl weren’t enough… this should really drive it home for you.