Youth Lagoon

Listening to Youth Lagoons new album The 12 months of Hibernation, introduced September 27, 2011, you will hear desire pop at its finest with deep emotion and fuzzy guitar rifts. This shouldn’t be surprising. It is. Why? Since Trevor Powers is all of 22 many years outdated. Talented properly outside of his many years, Powers has taken the lo-fi tracks on The 12 months of Hibernation and manufactured a sound that is sensitive and addicting. His whistles and tender tones audio as if they are speaking to us from someplace in our subconscious minds.

You uncover your self singing alongside to a music that has so many twists and turns, then you come across by yourself searching again to see if it is the similar observe. Yup it is! They are the sort of music that you start off off with a “Ya, I like this,…wait around a minute,…oh this is seriously very good,…oh this tune kicks ass!”. As you swell up with the exuberance of your new music obsession you come to the raw realization that you will now have to enjoy this song consistently to attain satisfaction. Youth Lagoon is that variety of LP.

Powers recorded the LP in his bed room. You failed to misread this. In his bed room. His debilitating stress assaults sparked most of the songs honesty and thoughts. Definitely composed from lifestyle experiences.

The Boise, Idaho native Trevor Powers is a multi-gifted instrumentalist. All of his expertise envelops you by shock in his tracks. This didn’t transpire by accident. He lately explained to Spin, “I perform keyboards and synthesizers, and I trigger all my beats with a foot pedal. It sounds like there are a ton additional than two people today on stage – and it took a lot of follow to get that down.” Powers recently enlisted his longtime pal Logan Hyde to total the audio of Youth Lagoon when on their present-day tour. And the fot pedals are even now on phase much too. All the things continue to in spot and the exact same. Just the way Powers likes it. We do speculate how he handles his stress and anxiety though Youth Lagoon followers are screaming his title?

Let’s recap:

22 calendar year old musical sensation, drops out of college to chase his musical dream. Riddled with anxiety, he operates all around his emotions and documents an LP that is further than wonderful in his bed room! Now he is on on tour.

Hold on Trevor Powers…it is going to be a hell of a euphoric ride.