Solids – Blame Confusion

Solids is the moniker of a Montreal duo consisting of Xavier Germain-Poitras on guitar and Louis Guillemette on drums. Owning beforehand played with each other in one more band, Germain-Poitras begun writing music that failed to fairly fit that outfit’s seem, and subsequently requested Guillemette to aid him flesh them out. The pair were being able to make on their existing chemistry, and rapidly released a five song EP, a 7″ one, and a break up with fellow Canadians, Animal Faces, out of Toronto. All of this led up to their to start with full size album, Blame Confusion, which was released in early 2014. An album is made up of ten tracks that consist of the what might be the densest, most blistering indie rock produced so considerably this year.

Contrary to some of the other guitar/drum combos out there appropriate now, Solids eschews the bluesy garage rock methodology of outfits like The Black Keys, and as an alternative embraces a lo-fi audio with buried melodies that, like several other indie bands of the earlier number of years, are of course encouraged by the alt-rock scene of the early 1990′s. Consider Wavves meets Superchunk at their heaviest, toss in a healthy dose of Dinosaur Jr. noodling on top, and you might be nearly there.Blame Confusion has an incredibly whole truly feel to it irrespective of the lack of a base end, and is total of massive fuzzy guitar riffs and close to maniacal punk rock design and style drumming that, whether or not the song is intended to be a negatively brooding lyrical affair or a extra uplifting rock anthem, catapults every single track alongside at approximately the exact speed regardless. Whilst the album surely won’t absence for momentum, it also under no circumstances stops to smell the roses, and it occasionally seems like by the time you’ve got wrapped your head all over 1 providing, they’re already three quarters of the way by way of the up coming.

That’s not to say that there usually are not unforgettable tracks. I do even now continuously obtain myself bobbing my head and buzzing along throughout Solids’ debut. This is despite the fact that I most likely couldn’t explain to you which track is which, with the exception of a pair standouts including the album’s opener, as well as the title track. Lyrical written content isn’t much of a pinpointing component either because Germain-Poitras’ vocals, whilst tuneful, usually are not constantly quick to make out, and generally seem fifty percent-sung half-shouted from two rooms away, even though simultaneously layered with a thick dusting of static stuffed reverb. It is really these distorted vocals on Blame Confusion that seriously lead me to the Wavves comparison, but the place Germain-Poitras’ voice seems to continue to be in a properly neutral variety most of the time, Nathan Williams has the capacity to inflect a small more personality into his caterwauling odes to demons and browsing.

All in all even though, Blame Confusion is a sound debut by the Montreal natives. The vocals are still serviceable, if not overwhelmingly fantastic, and cannot be said to bog the album down when the listener is propelled by way of these 10 tracks so immediately (about 37 minutes). There are absolutely lots of lovers of modern rock and pop that would not see Solids’ attractiveness, and without a accurate standout single buried in this blur of a report, possibilities are Blame Confusion is not going to locate a large current market possibly. Nevertheless, enthusiasts of early 90′s alt-rock may possibly be fascinated to listen to the most current evolutionary action to that era’s hefty/melodic bands like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. and Superchunk. I would definitely proposed Solids if you like bands like Cloud Nothings, No Age or Japandroids. If you are nonetheless not sure if this band is for you, search for them at your regional Slackers in which you can pay attention prior to you invest in.