Top 3 Psychology Tricks to Make a Girl Like You – Fast!

One of the questions that I get asked very frequently from guys  is how they can get girls to like them. Men often wonder if they can make an impression on women so great that will make the women think about them long after they met them. This is a common sticking point for most men – and those who do not find much success with women blame factors such as lack of money or good looks. The thing is that it really has little to do with looks or money. Rather, it has everything to do with how good you are at making the woman FEEL about you. Read on to discover the most effective tricks and tactics you can use to make a girl like you in a matter of seconds…

2 Tricks You Can Use To Make Any Girl Attracted To You

Trick Number One – “The Mystery Trigger”. Tell her that you noticed something about her which is interesting – however, you cannot say it. This is a powerful trick which will make her think about you all the time. This works because it increases her level of curiosity, and the same time boosts her level of attraction to you too. She will remain interested in you as long as you keep being mysterious to her.

Trick Number Two – “The Ego Dumper”. She is used to getting all the attention to herself. Therefore, lower down her ego levels a little. Talk to her friends and ignore her in a group. This will make her feel a little jealous and at the same time try to gain your attention. Remember – anything that is scarce is valuable. Make yourself unavailable and your ‘value’ will skyrocket.