Choosing the Right Wedding Singer for Your Own Big Day

If you are in the midst of planning your own wedding entertainment, there is certainly plenty to choose from and one of the most cost effective, yet memorable options available to you is to hire a Wedding Singer!

One of the main benefits of hiring a Wedding Singer is that you get a massive amount of choice and flexibility due to each individual vocalist having their own sound and of course genre. The possibilities are truly endless and you can ensure that you will find the perfect Wedding Singer to suit your taste and give your wedding evening reception the perfect ambiance.

But where do you start when searching for a wedding singer?

One of the best ways to find a singer to perform at your wedding is to use an online entertainment directory so that you can save yourself a lot of time and potentially money too! Many entertainment directories will have their own dedicated categories for singers, with many sub-categories too! To give you some inspiration, let’s take a look at different types of singer you might wish to book:

Female Singers

Choosing a Female Singer to perform at your wedding reception gives you a huge selection of vocals and styles to choose from. Some female singers will offer dramatic performances and big voices in the style of Cher, Whitney Houston and more. Or you could opt for someone who has a modern touch! Female Singers are one of the most popular choices for wedding entertainment and you can book them for pretty much any part of your big day!

Male Singers

Male Singers also offer a massive choice in genres and singing styles and with the popularity of male vocalists such as Michael Bublé, they are an extremely popular choice among weddings. Imagine your first dance to a crooner style song, or if you want something a little heavier, choose a Male Singer with a rock background. There is a huge selection of Male Singers available to hire and like female singers, they are also suitable for any part of your wedding, from your ceremony right to your evening reception.

Carol Singers

Is your wedding around Christmas time? Why not make it even more festive and book Carol Singers for during your big day? Perfect for during your drinks reception, or perhaps wedding breakfast, Carol Singers will use their vocal talents to sing popular Christmas songs. You might find that some of your guests join in too! We can’t think of a better musical entertainment choice for a December wedding than this!

Guitar Singers

There are many Guitar Singers to hit the charts at the moment, such as Ed Sheeran and the classic Bruce Springsteen. This has seen an increase in this type of booking for wedding receptions as they offer quite a bit of versatility. From a beautiful first dance ballad to more upbeat and rock style performances, Guitar Singers can easily get your wedding guests up onto the dancefloor! They need very little space to perform which makes them perfect for smaller, more intimate weddings too.

Pianist / Singers

Did you know that most Pianist / Singers will come to your wedding venue with their very own keyboard or baby grand piano? You don’t have to worry if your wedding venue doesn’t have it’s own equipment with the portability of these types of instruments. Famous piano singers include Elton John and of course Chris Martin from Coldplay who both offer a stunning performance. If you love piano music and you want your wedding reception to have a touch of class, why not look at booking a Pianist / Singer?

Opera Singers

If you are a fan of the Opera and fancy something a little different for your wedding evening reception, why not choose an Opera Singer who can add a stunning and dramatic atmosphere to your big day? Your wedding guests are unlikely to expect this type of entertainment, however with their mind-blowing vocals and Operatic Arias, this type of performance will certainly add the WOW factor! Another way to include an Opera Singer into your wedding day (if you are not sure about hiring one for the evening) is to enhance your wedding ceremony with live operatic music!

As you can see, there is a lot of choice when it comes to booking a Wedding Singer, however we hope that our suggestions have given you plenty of inspiration for your own big day!

One of the most important things to remember is to source and book entertainment that means something to you as a couple. Always enquire in advance as many singers get booked up early, especially for weddings with some being snapped up a year or two in advance. Happy wedding entertainment planning!