The Beauty of New Age Piano

There are so many styles of music out there. Thankfully, there is also New Age piano music. A wonderful style of playing that goes right to the heart bringing back memories, feelings, and emotions. Or creating new pictures in our heads. Impressionistic in nature, New Age piano music does not seek to try and tell you something. Instead, it leads the listen on a journey.

For instance, the lesson Autumn was created by looking at a picture that inspired me. A few minutes later, that piece was created. This is the beauty of New Age piano. It’s a style of music that doesn’t take long to learn and can be experienced quickly. A few chords, a sound, a technique are all that is needed and we are off exploring a world of sound.

George Winston, the man who literally put New Age piano on the map looks at his music as a soundtrack for the seasons. He loves the idea of giving voice to the natural world. Visual artists have been doing this for hundreds of years. Monet, Manet, and other French impressionists interpreted how they felt about the natural world through paint and composition.

Music also has it’s impressionistic counterpart. Claude Debussy, certainly one of the greatest composers of the 20th century based many of his compositions on nature themes. And now we have New Age piano – a contemporary and, I think, quite necessary art form that seeks to infuse the beauty of nature with music!