Meditation Music – Mp3 for the Chakras

Another application for a meditation music.mp3 is for the opening and stimulation of the Chakras. The Chakras are energy centers within our bodies that govern the correct functioning of different organs and also areas of our lives. Quantum Physics is showing how everything in the universe is made from the same fundamental field of energy. This energy gets set in motion in different frequencies to produce the myriad of things that we perceive in our universe.

Even what we think of as solid physical objects are actually energy. In addition to what we think of as our physical bodies, we also have ‘energy’ bodies and it here that we find the energy centers known as the Chakras.

Why is it important to open the Chakras and get the energy flowing? If we have some negativity that is affecting our lives in an adverse way, this could be from some negative experience or trauma from our past. Modern psychotherapy attempts to bring these often suppressed memories to the surface so they can be dealt with and resolved. This can be a difficult and lengthy process with limited results. The reason for this is that the negativity or trauma is often lodged in one of the energy centers, literally as if it is down inside your body and, sometimes, no amount of conscious effort will touch it. It is beyond the boundaries of the conscious thought process. Therefore, using energy therapy and getting the energy to flow freely will begin to ‘wash’ the negative energy away and positive energy will automatically flow through to take its place.

There are several methods of opening and invigorating the energy centers.

One is to visualize the energy centers as lotus flowers and seeing them opening as a stream of pure white energy flows down from the top of your head and down your spine to your base Chakra. Another method is to visualize the energy centers as colored spheres of light; The Crown Chakra is directly above your head and its color is violet. Next comes the Third Eye, which is in the middle of your forehead and its color is indigo. In the throat, of course, is the Throat Chakra which is blue. The Heart Chakra, in the middle of the chest is green. The Solar Plexus is Yellow. The Sacral Chakra, in the genital area is orange and the Bass Chakra, at the base of your spine is red.

Finally, you can use musical tones, humming or singing the specific note that corresponds to each energy center, or listen to a meditation music.mp3 that has music especially tuned for each Chakra. There are seven different Chakras and they each have their own musical tone. Interestingly, there are seven different musical tones in the Western musical scale; CDEFGAB. Each of the seven Chakras corresponds with these seven musical tones, starting with C, at the ‘Root’ and ascending through the same seven tones of the scale.

Music tuned in these particular keys, then can be effective in stimulating and opening the Chakras.