Some English Songs That Became Very Popular In India In The 90s

One consequence of British rule was that the educated elite were conversant in English language and the English way of life. Hence, many individuals enjoyed and appreciated English songs even when foreign media channels and entertainment companies did not have permission to operate in India.

However, the liberalization of the economy in the early 90s resulted in a rapid expansion of the entertainment industry in India. Huge sections of the population began enjoying access to English songs on their television. The following songs became very popular amongst youngsters who experienced English songs for the first time on channels like MTV and Channel V.

Larger Than Life By Backstreet Boys

This song by the band conveyed their gratitude to their fans by describing them as “larger than life”. The fast dance track pictured on a futuristic space ship in the year 3000 became very popular amongst followers of English songs in India. The band too enjoyed a healthy fan following in the country.

Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

The song that firmly established Britney Spears as a singing sensation all over the world was a hit in India as well. If teenage girls swooned over the Backstreet Boys, teenage boys enjoyed the singing talent and the beauty of this popular artist.

My Heart Will Go On By Celine Dion

Titanic became the biggest grosser amongst English movie releases in India. This contributed to the popularity of the title song and its artist as well. The song was well received even by those who found it difficult to understand English lyrics. Her throaty voice and the soulful music made sure that the song was very popular for a long time.

The Cup of Life By Ricky Martin

The official song of the 1998 Football World Cup, this song was a super hit amongst the football fans in India. The fact that the song included a few lines from Ricky Martin’s other hit, Un Dos Tres, further contributed to its popularity.

We Like To Party by The Vengaboys

The Vengaboys were very popular at all dance parties in India with songs like We Like To Party and Ibiza. The Caribbean beats, strong voices, and hot music videos made their albums very popular throughout the country.

Barbie Girl by Aqua

The video of this song showed the lead singers portray Barbie and Ken. This increased the curiosity of English songs lovers in India. The naughty lyrics and the sharp and snazzy voices of the singers gelled well with the music and contributed to the overall popularity of the song and the album.

Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega

Lou Bega combined mambo and jive beats with retro styling and attire to serve a killer punch with his super-hit song, Mambo No. 5. The song was and out and out dance track and its simple lyrics delivered in a rap-like rhythm made it immensely popular amongst the youngsters in the country.

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