Fulfill Your Destiny

Who’s to say recording artist should specialize in one area of genre? Absolutely no one. When was the last time you heard a song to make you happy? Versatility and creativity is what makes musicians unique with their craft. Music indeed is a universal language that touches people lives in so many different ways. Many recording artist from the greats like: Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Al Green, Aretha Franklin, Lionel Richie, Little Richard and even Kanye West; along with many others are talented songwriters and performers who transitioned into the inspirational market to share words of love, hope and encouragement.

The latest song from Varges Thomas is no exception; he has displayed his versatility with a variety pack of songs taken from his long-awaited project titled “Destiny”. I say variety pack because there is music for everyone to listen to and enjoy; from jazz lovers to R&B, Soul and Pop sounds to contemporary gospel. Whether you are an author, musician, artist or some other entrepreneur or entertainer; there has to be good reasons why you do what you do. Destiny is packed with empowerment, faith, hope, perseverance, self-confidence, vision and dependence on God.

Oh, by the way it is a song you can dance and exercise to as well; whether you are working out at home or at your favorite gym the bounce of the song will move and keep you in the groove. Though secular music touches the flesh; inspirational music touches the whole person; mind, body, soul and spirit. The message in music should be to uplift and bless those who hear lyrics that raises the awareness of different situations that will cause all of us to think, act and progress towards certain achievements to help bring out the best in ourselves and others.

Everyone wants to be exalted during their lifetime; but to be exalted you first have to be humbled and then exaltation will come if you are an inspiration to others. The accolades we receive from time to time are well fine and good; but inspiration is much better when you see the fruit of your labor not in vain. The results of your work should enlighten, encourage and give hope to those you serve.

To reach the new horizons you have for yourself; sacrifices and purpose are part of the agenda that has to be made to make your dreams become realities. Commitments with any task should be to inspire and be for the benefit of others who may feel trapped and broken. Be inspired and continue to live a life of abundance, because it all starts with how we think towards ourselves and those around us and around the world! Fulfill your Destiny!