Pickup Artist Openers – Opinion Openers, Direct Openers and Situational Openers

Openers are like the new pick-up lines. They are ways to approach women in an given environment, like a bar or club, that make the job easier for you. The idea is to make it look like you’re just striking up a conversation with a girl or group of girls. Openers are especially effective when dealing with a group of girls, often referred to as “a set”. It can be heard to penetrate a set because when a group of girls get together, they can be like a group of piranhas. They put a front that is very hard for the average frustrated chump to conquer. There are several different types of openers a guy can use when approaching women.

Direct openers are just that – direct. They don’t try to conceal their intention. They are a simple, forward way to approach a girl. An example of a very simple direct opener is, “Hi, that’s a beautiful dress”.

Opinion openers are when you go to a woman or set of women and ask their opinion on something. Opinion openers are a favorite of Mystery from the Mystery Method and The Pickup Artist Season 2. These work pretty well because they don’t telegraph to much interest. An example of an opinion opener is “Who do you think lies more, men or women?”.

Situational openers are great because they related directly to a situation that’s going on. They involve a woman by including them in on something that’s going on around them. They create an instant bond between you and a woman.