How to Get a Girl All Excited (And Desperate) To See You

Has anyone ever told you to project the best version of yourself when around women? I’m telling you now, the thing about being yourself and not caring about what women think is off in a big way. 
Your idea of who you are may not translate well in your actions. You absolutely must take care to project the best image for a woman to consider you her dream guy. 
There are several factors involved in magnetizing women enough to get them chasing you. Three of these factors are listed below. Here are three killer methods to make girls fall all over themselves trying to get your attention. 
#1: “Get Undeniable Social Proof”. When you’re surrounded with people whose body talk signals all tell onlookers that you’re the Alpha male of the group, you can bet that the other women in the vicinity are noticing your every action. 
Talk to the women in your group, particularly the best looking ones. You know how women will not notice fashion trends unless they see a Supermodel wear this or that accessory or a new design? That explains this in detail. Women want what other quality women endorse. 
#2: “Show her you’re a catch”. A guy who comes off as a catch to women has a lot of things going on in his life. You have a skill that you’re keeping under wraps. It may be your great voice, your burning ambition to be the best all the time, or your passion for a hobby that not many guys know about. If women realize what an extraordinary life you live, they want to be in it. 
#3: “Hypnotic routines”. Incorporating hypnosis routines in your conversation with a woman will make her fall helplessly in love with you without knowing why she suddenly and irreversibly feels strong emotions for you. This routine can be done in less than 15 minutes!