How to Properly Isolate a Girl From Her Friends

Most people have no idea when to isolate her. They either do it too early or avoid it altogether. Your aim should be to isolate her as soon as possible. Calibrate the situation and experiment until you know the attraction signs. If you isolate her too quickly, it may be uncomfortable and her friends might interrupt you. Like any form of escalation, the secret is to just do it when you believe you have enough attraction build.

Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won’t but you will learn from every attempt. Ideally, you should go for the isolation within the first 15 minutes. When you isolate you must do so with absolute authority and conviction. Don’t hesitate and really believe in yourself. It’s very important that you lead here and display your alpha qualities or she will not follow you. You should say any of the following lines

  • This bar is really noisy…I can’t hear you…lets go over to the seat
  • Let’s go to the bar and get a drink
  • I’m going to introduce you to some friends in the smoking area.

Then grab her hand and walk away, look ahead and fully believe that she will come with you and she will! It is so important that you believe she will come with you and your confidence will increase tremendously once you achieve this step. It’s easier than you think.

Isolation is one of the crucial steps in the interaction and should be achieved before qualification. As stated above, the main purpose of isolating is to build an emotional connection with this person. The stronger this connection, the stronger the chance she will want to see you again or kiss you.

Isolation is especially important in loud clubs as because of the noise it can be quite hard to build an emotional connection. If the person is in a very loud area, then it will be very difficult to open up so it is vital to move her to a quieter area. An example might be the smoking area or at the entrance to the club. Isolation is also an attraction test and it also allows her to comply with you. If she does isolate with you and she is comfortable with being alone with you, then you can really ask the bigger qualification questions and she will really invest in you.

Most guys choose to stay and try to escalate the attraction right in front of her friends. However, her friends will try to stop you and interrupt you because you are giving all the attention to one person. After all, creating a connection with somebody is primarily between just two people as there is a level of intimacy involved. You are focusing all your attention on only one person in the group and, in doing so; you are ignoring the other people in the group. This will annoy and irritate the other people. They will become bored and maybe even jealous.

In return, the will upset and interrupt the interaction or try everything in their power to get involved. They might even bring the other person away to make sure that they’re no longer the center of attention. By isolating the person you are interested in, you avoid all these issues. In doing so, you are satisfying the needs of the woman to be independent, but also letting the group know that they too are important. In essence, you’re taking care of everyone.

Body Position Isolation

When you are chatting to somebody, you can easily isolate them from the group, simply by leading them to face you, with their back to the group. In this way, you can have your own private conversation, away from the group. You can also increase the double conversation and use touch far more than you could if she was with her friends. Never stand between her and her friends, or they will be giving her eye signals that will be distracting. This is an excellent way of isolation that requires very little compliance.

It is best used before you attempt the full isolation, to get a connection. If your wingman comes in and is speakingto the rest of the group, then this can work especially well. With direct eye contact, simply take a step away from the group while you are speaking to her, and she will follow your gaze.

After Isolation

When you isolate somebody, you can now relax with them. Now that the two of you are finally alone, you can build attraction and rapport. You can start asking the bigger qualification questions and find out who she really is. You can get her number and set up a date. If the chemistry is right between you, you can also go in for the kiss. However, do not escalate any further as you are a classy guy and you are respectful of her values.

You will probably attend this venue again and you do not want to be seen as a sleazy guy. When you finish chatting and you set up a date, bring her back to the group and relax with them for a while.

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