How to AMOG

A AMOG means Alpha Male of the Group meaning a guy is who is protecting his group of guys and girls from outside interferences, the acronym can also mean Alpha Male Other Guy, which is when a guy who is getting in the way of you reaching your target. You know the guy, it’s the one who comes along when your mid-DHV story and destroys the attention on you from your new group of friends.

In order to hold the attention of groups of people, and to develop these relationships further you will need to learn to have great AMOG management. This article would like to cover practical ways in order to deal with AMOG’s without directly talking about AMOG management.

Its been said by many famous war strategists that the best form of defence is to attack first, therefore often to appear like an alpha and to effectively defend yourself against AMOG attack is to put yourself out there and to act like an AMOG. To Amog means to put down another male, to lower their value without them particularly noticing to the extent where they get extremely angry/upset.

Attacking from a position of strength

An important step during night game to ensure that your putting yourself in a safe situation is to make yourself known to the bar staff, security and nightclub management, this way you are ensuring that you are well known within the venue and therefore have some form of witness and protection if things do turn nasty, however done right they shouldn’t, besides having all these connections within the nightclub may become useful allies later on when your looking to create social proof (delivering the illusion of being extremely socially valuable).

Dealing with amogs before they deal with you.

One way of dealing with AMOG’s before they interrupt your sets is to introduce yourself to them, make it clear that your well known in here and just have a conversation where you basically demonstrate your higher value. There is an additional value to aligning with the AMOG’s early on, because when they open up sets (and they will) then you can jump in and rescue the poor girls who are suffering from the AMOG’s disgusting-ness and they will feel a friend in you for the process.

If you do get amogged a good approach could be to introduce a amog to the amog friends that you’ve made, they will enjoy the process because they will see it as a benefit to them as it might give them greater security in the venue, but really all you’ve done is kept them busy with each other so that you can continue opening and working groups of girls.

Approaching the male-protectors of hotties

There are plenty of guys who are male protectors of the hottest girls in the club, these are typically alpha-esque males who are particularly good at amogging out any guy who attempts to hit on their hot friend, however they might not have any sexual interest in the hottest girls in the club for whatever reason, therefore by building a alpha relationship with these guys rather than directly approaching the targets you may be able to build a more fruitful relationship that will allow you to gain access to the hottie.

Aligning with the players

It should be said that in every nightclub/bar/venue there are 2-3regular guys referred to as players as they get 80% of the single regular girls in the club. Players aren’t usually amog’s but they can be if you are approaching a girl that he is pursuing, its worthwhile befriending the players (if you can identify them) as they will help you quickly meet every girl in the club who they have worked through their player-network and they will offer you valuable protection from other amog’s, by befriending these guys you’ll become one of the hottest boys to frequent the venue and you’ll have control of the system.