How to Connect a M-Audio MIDI to Your Computer for Playing Music

Nowadays, it’s easy for practically anyone to set up a home recording studio with just a few pieces of equipment. As long as you have a working computer, some kind of instrument, and a MIDI controller you can rock out. Here are the steps to connecting an M-Audio MIDI to your PC or Mac so you can make and record music.

  1. You’ll need to connect an audio interface to your computer. This is the device that you’ll plug your instruments into. You can buy one of these online or at a music or electronics store. Even Craigslist should have a few.
  2. Connect your M-Audio MIDI keyboard or other device to the computer audio interface. Just make sure it’s connected to the right port or it won’t work.
  3. Then, connect your instruments to the interface. You’ll probably see something that says “Input” or “Audio In” above the port for the instruments.
  4. Hook up your speakers using the output ports on the interface. These can be any kind of speakers-they don’t have to be huge.

If you’re going to record your guitar with the MIDI, you’ll need to follow a few steps to make sure everything is set up correctly. Here’s how to get configured for recording:

  1. Plug in an instrument cable to your guitar, and then plug in the other end to the keyboard’s interface panel
  2. Open up your music recording software-whatever it is-and get started on recording a track. Now, you should be able to hear the sound of the guitar coming through on the MIDI
  3. Simply hit the record button on your computer and start playing
  4. Use the MIDI to add other instrumental sounds if desired

Then you should be ready to rock out. Make sure your volume levels are adjusted appropriately so you don’t blow your eardrums out! You can use the M-Audio MIDI keyboard to transfer notes from the instrument to the computer. You’ll be able to create all kinds of cool effects once you learn how to navigate your MIDI device. Have fun experimenting and don’t be afraid to try new things.