Download Songs For IPod – Is it As Easy As it Seems?

To be able to download songs for iPod is what millions upon millions of people worldwide want. If you have been using your iPod for some time, you know that there is often an unsatisfactory feeling that you could have utilized your advanced gadget much better. Unchanged song selection gets monotonous quite soon; besides, with the huge capacity of your player, it is only natural to look for new tracks all the time.

So, what is the problem, you may ask. In our Internet era, is it really difficult to get all the music you want off the cyber space? The answer is both yes and no. It is true that the Internet is packed with sites inviting you to download songs for iPod. However, everything is not so pink and rosy if you take a closer look.

Official websites, Apple’s iTunes being on the top, do offer all the latest hits at a great quality, but scare away many potential customers with their prices per download. There is no harm in downloading a song or two from them occasionally, but if you hope to pack your iPod with an enviable music collection, be prepared to shell out hundreds of dollars.

Monthly subscription websites might allow some savings, especially if you are planning to download really a lot, but then, to keep the subscription just for the sake of updating your collection with a couple of songs each month is not really wise.

Free sites, on the other hand, allow you to download songs for iPod at a more tricky cost. Most of them make their profits from adware and even spyware, which is installed on your computer during those few minutes you download a song from such site. Needless to say, both can be really harmful for your PC performance as well as dangerous in a number of other ways.

File sharing networks, where you can download songs for iPod from other users through special software, are even more risky as not only malware, but destructive viruses might be passed during this uncontrolled and unprotected file sharing. To top it all, torrent sites are illegal, no matter what they claim.

To avoid all the disadvantages of free sites, while taking all the advantages of the paid ones, try finding a good website for unlimited music downloads. At a one-time low fee you get lifetime membership and unrestricted access to a vast music library, and can start stacking your iPod right away.