Choosing Romantic Wedding Songs

Weddings are all about love and romance so it would be no surprise if you chose your wedding songs with a romantic style in mind. However, you need to be careful that the love songs you choose are actually about happy love and relationships!

Imagine the scene as you walk back down the aisle as husband and wife to a song that at first seems like a lovely romantic song only to realize that actually it is all about a dead lover! Somehow that seems to take the lovely romantic shine off it, don’t you think?

When you are choosing your wedding songs it pays to take your time and to research your choices well. The internet can provide you with a wealth of music libraries along with corresponding lyrics and videos. You should also try to discover if your choice of songs have ever featured in a film, television program or on the stage, discovering that they were the feature soundtrack for a violent horror film may make you think differently about using it.

And whilst you may think that no-one amongst your guests will know that it featured in ‘blood-slasher-guts horror’, you can guarantee that on the day someone will know and will waste no time in whispering it to everyone in ear shot!

Choosing romantic love songs for your wedding does not mean you have to choose ultra soppy, slow numbers. Consider songs like Just The Two of Us by Grover Washington Jr or You Lift Me Up by Westlife, both of which have a slightly more up beat tempo whilst not losing any of the tone that makes them love songs. These are the type of songs that will appeal to your guests too and which will make them smile at each other and possibly recall the day they got married and how happy they felt at this very same moment.

Many couples have a particular love song that holds some special significance to them and their relationship. It is this song that they usually choose for their first dance. But if you are feeling a little bold then why not join the growing number of couples who buck the trend with the first dance song and choose something totally different to the shock and pleasure of their guests! Check out UTube for many videos of couples performing quirky first dances in front of their guests. You can save your special song for the moment when you walk back down the aisle together.