Birthday Gifts for Kids – Go Beyond Barbies and Stuffed Animals

No matter what season or reason it is, kids just love to have gifts. Some people may think getting birthday gifts for kids does not require any creative thinking. Surely, they are unaware that children today are quite picky about the gifts they receive and at times quite vocal in their opinions for gift selection. You should keep their opinions in view, but when you go beyond Barbies and stuffed animals, there is a huge world of birthday gifts for kids.

The most convenient and inexpensive way to please your loved ones is the gift basket that includes more than just candies and cookies. Though kids love chocolates, cookies and candies, you can surprise them by adding some small toys as well. After all, it’s a special day for the child. A gift basket that looks attractive will be remembered in the minds of the children for long so decorate them well.

Irrespective of the age or gender of your child, puzzles are surely responsible for capturing the attention of kids. Besides creating the interest of the child, puzzles also have an educational aspect. The sight of children sitting around scrambled puzzles trying to figure out the picture is simply amazing. Such brain storming sessions will not just enlighten their minds, but also improve their imagination.

Some more birthday gifts for kids can include popular books like the Harry Potter series or perhaps a diary for kids to write their daily chores in. Incase the birthday kid is into arts and crafts, then jewelry kits, paint sets or scrapbook kits can be the way to go.

If you wish that your gift sets are different from the rest, then kid’s size pop tents or sleeping bags are a fun and unique gift idea. Kids love to have sleepovers so there is rarely any chance of the child disliking such a gift. Mostly under teens enjoy the idea and find it quite adventurous indeed.

As the child starts to grow into his/her teens so does his/her styling sense. Looking for some mature birthday gifts? Trendy clothes are never out of question provided that you are aware of the size of the kid. Besides, kids love the idea of saving as they start to value money at this age so a piggy bank can be a nice birthday bash gift.

Not all gift items are meant for both genders. Usually boys are seen to adore action figures. They look so cute when they try to look tough. So don’t forget to include their favorite action hero figure or other goodies with his images on it. As for the girls, add some pretty charm bracelets or earrings to the gift basket.

One thing that really pays off is the idea that the gift has been chosen according to the personality of the child. So next time when you go out to buy birthday gifts for kids, don’t just focus on the gift itself but also think about the child’s personality, hobbies and skills. A well-thought out gift is no match for a generic one.