Will The Elevation Group Elevate You?

What does an artist girl have to do with business and finances, aren’t those chicks all walking on pink, fluffy clouds? Why would a singer from Hungary write a review on such a mundane topic as The Elevation Group, a venture for financial education, – who is not an expert in the subject? And more importantly: can The Elevation Group really lift You up?

You are totally right: I am not an expert but a student. For a long time, my careless, artsy head was up in the sky – but without solid foundation, and sometime during 2012, I realized that indeed I had to put my feet down and learn about a subject that I was never taught in school, nor in my family and I didn’t care much: money, finances, business, entrepreneurship.

Since then, I am able to approach more and more what the title Independent Artist actually means – which is, in my interpretation:

To be a truly independent artist does not only mean that one does not bow down to big record companies, but it also includes that one should not need to depend upon a workplace, working for some boss and other J.O.B.s (=Just Over Broke) one doesn’t love to do, knocking on doors for sponsorships and turn to the controversial method of crowdfunding, or to depend on what the government, the current economic situation and other such factors dictate. You depend on yourself, independently of anybody or anything else.

Nowadays, beside my artistic activities I enjoy discovering entrepreneurship and learning about subjects that were always very distant from my kind, such as marketing or finances. I used to avoid these areas, for they were way too boring, dry and often complicated. Not anymore, they are interesting and fun! And vital.

In fact, it is mainly thanks to the blog posts and other writings, videos and webinars available for Elevation Group Members that I became interested in subjects such as banking, investment strategies, or for that matter, securing my financial future for the days when I don’t want or can’t work any more (most broadly known as pension).

In these times of recession, each of us can have the choice: whether we complain about how difficult it is to live on art or on any other jobs and professions, how bad is the unemployment and the general situation of economy all over the world – or we take a deep breath and learn more about business and finances and see what can we apply from this field to straighten things out and create the lifestyle we want.

To learn, but from whom? There are as many gurus, online and network marketing, financial consulting, money making “experts” out there as stars in the sky: your sister-in-law, neighbor, colleague and their moms will tell you for sure how to earn stellar amounts of bucks within days, or if you like to take it easy, weeks or maybe months, if you are very slow. And just look at your Twitter or Facebook feed or open your email inbox for all the unbeatable offers from strangers, with screamingly loud, cheesy ads and sites, one get rich quick scheme after the other – isn’t that so?

Founder and Head of The Elevation Group, Mike Dillard does not make unnecessary noise and does not claim to be a financial expert, he does not have an elegant formal education in the field, which fact did not hinder him from becoming a multi-millionaire by the age of 27, by selling his own product – you can read about his rag to riches story on several sites.

Nor did it stop him from revolutionizing network marketing in the past few years with the concept of Attraction Marketing, Mike’s essential book, Magnetic Sponsoring should ring a bell. (If it doesn’t, grab a copy immediately and read it! The best 50 bucks you will ever spend. The book, by the way, contains extremely helpful information for not only network marketers, but for anyone who would like to know more about interpersonal relationships.)

Ever since reading, Magnetic Sponsoring, I have been following Mike Dillard and was very excited and curious to find out about his company The Elevation Group (EVG for short). I believe that if you did get this far in reading my review, you can also benefit greatly from what this man has to share!

Instead of giving you some more facts and teasers that you can anyway find on other websites as well and it would be only a repetition here, about what EVG is or what it does, let me rather give you a few of my personal impressions and observations about it, a testimonial, if you please.

First of all: The Elevation Group is not a business opportunity but education in finances and business, entrepreneurship.

(However, if you are a Member and so inclined and also qualified, you can make commissions as a Publishing Partner, when this option is available. But this is really not the most important point.)

In EVG, no promises are made that you will become a millionaire overnight, but if you embrace the knowledge, you will definitely sleep better and will be more relaxed, or even lit on fire about your perspectives. Mike Dillard with his team and guest experts will give you ideas and tools on how to make sure that your and your children’s life are secure, by revealing wealth building and investing strategies of the elite.

Being said that, I would highly recommend it for those who – like me – don’t know much about these subjects but are eager to learn and want to spare lots of time and money: although there is a monthly membership fee, it is a good bet that you will get excellent value from Mike Dillard and his team and guest experts, so that you won’t need to randomly spend your precious hours and bucks, trying out all the methods, books, audios, videos and subscriptions that come your way, only to see that many of them won’t work – I have also gone through lots of useless stuff.

For those who are on a less tight budget or who are already experienced entrepreneurs, what can EVG offer?

For both groups, the beginner and the savvy entrepreneur, there are two benefits of being a member of The Elevation Group:

1. Practical information on subjects such as

– what types of businesses are most likely to boom in the next few years,

– how to deal with precious metals,

– how to retire 100% tax-free,

– survival strategies,

– how to choose your bank,

– what kind of investments to make (for small and for big wallets)

– how to give your children the financial education they need,

– actual contacts to individuals and companies Mike personally recommends,

and so on.

2. Being connected with like-minded people. It is becoming more and more of a common knowledge that this is a key point in being successful in any areas of life – it is no different when it comes to money. Many of us will need to change old beliefs, unworkable patterns about the subject of money, success, being rich, and associating with people who have made it, is a fundamental help.

We are all bombarded with doom and gloom from the media and people around us: family, friends, colleagues, or the strangers we overhear on the tram who are complaining about how bad is this or that situation, but if you just watch one or two videos from Mike Dillard or his guests, that will counteract most of the negativity and will lift you up immediately, kind of like a de-programing effect, so that you can think for yourself and see forward again.

Above these, for the already successful businessman with already nice digits in his income, EVG can give good tips on how to protect his assets – and why not, how to grow it further.

Who will not be interested in joining The Elevation Group? Richard Bransons and Donald Trumps will obviously not need the information. However, I could imagine that they would enjoy the company – indeed, if I could have a wish, I would love to see them for an interview by Mike Dillard.

Another point that is also important: The Elevation Group will not be your financial advisor, nor your investment consultant. It will only give you enough and good enough data so that you can responsibly make up your own mind when choosing the financial path that fits best to you.

A chunk of the information shared in EVG can be used by US citizens only, however, if you live somewhere else on planet Earth, like I do, much of the data will be also relevant to you. The attitude by which you can improve your life, definitely.

What did I get out of The Elevation Group so far?

Not only my general attitude to money and finances has changed, also more jobs have found me – yes, often I would get them just like that, without me making any special efforts to book my gigs or sell stuff.

There are times in my life when I make great monies from my performances – other times not so. Being an artist doesn’t bring a steady income. And this is the very first time in my entire life when I am relaxed and optimistic about my own and my son’s future, no matter what the social security and pension laws will bring or what will the government do. Furthermore, opposed to many artist colleagues (even much bigger names than mine!), now finally I could leave the constant stress behind me about whether or not I have enough gigs to pay my bills, for good!

Another, interesting “coincidence” happened as a result of studying one section of the Elevation Group members area about starting one’s own business, with information on what kind of opportunities could be good and why, etc:

Shortly after, I bumped into a business opportunity which is simply the perfect solution for me and it has already started out great, and with that support, also my artist career is more fun. Mind you: I am writing at this moment from a small town in one of the poorest region of my tiny country, Hungary where the economy is not really prosperous…

What else to say about EVG? Overall impression: nothing fancy but classy and very professional, the look as well as the content of the website and other communications (email and yes, snail mail) that I received and in Mike’s responses in conversations.

Very valuable information that you don’t get elsewhere, unless you travel a lot to pick up bits and pieces of info for heavy bucks at conferences and spend countless of hours trying to put the puzzle pieces from a hundred sources together.

And all this is presented in a well understandable and relaxed way, you can feel comfy in jeans too.

One last thing I want to mention, and it is about the man, Mike Dillard himself: as much as I know of him from what I have read and heard from him so far, and from comments I can see by others, he is a man of honesty, integrity, vision and prediction, the person you want to follow and you can trust.

Those who like to take control over their own financial situation, will hopefully find this review useful.

Thank you for reading it, and as a next step, see Mike Dillard in a video, sharing 7 steps of predicting the economy for the next couple of years. (Link below)