What Song Should I Play When I Toss The Bouquet?

When the wedding bouquet is tossed normally, there is no music played. There is a lot of cheering and laughing. The wedding bouquet is tossed by the bride just before she leaves for her honeymoon. All young girls, who are maids and want to get married soon, participate in this event. The bride tosses and the one, who catches the bouquet, is the lucky girl, who will be the next to marry.

This custom started ages ago as it was believed that the bride’s bouquet had special herbs, which were passed on to another maid as a good luck charm. The choice was the brides. Now, it is difficult as the bride cannot disappoint her other girlfriends. This is why the bouquet is tossed and the one, who gets it, gets the luck too.

A recent trend, which has emerged is to play some music, when this event is on. Music can be anything you like. Soft music playing in the background can make this is a pleasant experience. Loud and peppy music can make everybody participating in this event more geared up etc.

Some people prefer to have hit songs, which can be played, Hits by Beyonce, Madonna etc. These songs can be selected by the bride or she can take the help of the DJ present at the venue.

Any song that you select should be representative of the mood you are in. Some brides like to play songs like let’s get loud and create a party atmosphere. Some prefer songs that actually make the girlie event more fun. Some prefer songs like independent woman. This is a song which talks about the wrong concept; the whole idea of the bouquet toss is that you don’t want to be independent anymore.

Another song, which is played, is another one bites the dust. This is a song which can make everybody break into laughter bouts. It is pretty sarcastically apt for the situation. You can go for something different like Diamonds are a girl’s best friend etc.

No matter what the song you pick, let be representative of who you are and what you feel. Songs with you and I to be avoided and songs with we sound better. It’s a fun event and so don’t pay too much attention to the music. Those, who are planning to catch the bouquet focus on the flowers and the bride, should focus on throwing it in the right direction.