What is Acem Meditation?

Acem meditation is a Norwegian relaxation technique without religion or mysticism. It is easy to learn and suitable for all people. Acem meditation helps with stress and provides deep relaxation in everyday life. All people can benefit from the technique, regardless of age, occupation and life situation. How to meditate?

In Acem meditation you repeat a sound-method in your mind. The sound will be repeated as effortless as possible, and without use of speech organs. Everything else that happens in the mind, thoughts, feelings, moods, you just let it pass without you controlling it. You meditate in a normal seated position in a chair with good support in the lower back.

Relaxation and surplus

When you come home from work or school, your head is often full of impressions and thoughts.They eat your energy and attention. This is what we call psychological “residue”. The mind needs to work on these remains. Often these thoughts must simmer for a while in the mind before we set them loose. Acem meditation increases these process conditions. Meditation acts as a kind of psychological digestion of all the impressions and thoughts we would not have time to air out.

Common results

Participants at the course in Acem meditation often report:

* Better concentration * Better sleep quality * Increased tolerance to stress

If you practice meditation regularly, meditation will contribute to the results of more qualitative nature. There may be greater contact both with yourself and with your surroundings. By keeping an open and accepting “mind” of the thoughts that pop up in meditation, you will over time have access to your own resources and creativity. You get more contact with those parts of the self that you might otherwise not use enough time to listen to. This gives the opportunity to work with aspects of yourself that are otherwise inaccessible for processing.

Effects of Acem meditation is documented through a series of medical studies in Norway and Sweden.