What Happens When Kim Cattrall Confronts The British Accent In The Amityville House?

I have a belief: the famous (or should I say infamous) Amityville house is part of a plot which has been created by Britishness, and Americanism is the target. Of course, it could be the other way around, where it’s the United States (not the literal country, but the national identity) which is responsible for the plot, but for now I’ll just presume that it’s the original theory.

The opposite, of the movie star Kim Cattrall attacking the British accent in the Amityville house, at 112 Ocean Avenue is the Amityville house being outside of the British accent helping Kim Cattrall. The opposite (or equivalent) of the Amityville house being outside of the British accent helping Kim Cattrall is the Amityville house having nothing to do with Britishness helping Britishness.

Britishness helping Britishness is an attack on Britishness; Amityville having nothing to do with Britishness being under attack is the well-being of Britishness having something to do with Amityville.

The well-being of Britishness is just the well-being of the UK (so now it is about literal countries). Thus, the famous case of the alleged haunting of the Amityville house has something to do with the well-being of nations.

The safety of nations is a threat. For a threat to be a threat, it must mean that the Amityville house is somehow not a threat (a very bizarre idea, given the context that Amityville is right to be part of this scenario) – Amityville, as ironic as it is, is a safety that has something to do with a threat.

Something to do with a threat is a connection to a threat. A connection to a threat is a non-connection; ergo, Amityville is a safety which is a non-connection – a safe isolation.

A safe isolation is an unsafe group – an unsafe group is a group of safety.

A group is a history of repetition. A history of repetition is a onetime absence. A onetime absence is the presence of history.

The Amityville house is a presence of history, and is thus an absence of absence: absence of absence is life’s origin being itself – which makes Amityville an example of when life’s origin can be itself in a way which is safe.

The long and short of it: Amityville is God being themself, and doing so without being a threat to the rest of reality.

Lastly: the reverse of God being true while being safe is reality being a lie while being dangerous – reality being a lie while being a threat is danger being the truth of God, meaning that the ultimate surrounding reality, is that to reference God in any capacity whatsoever means to harm reality.

Lastly (for real this time): the Amityville house is the way in which reality is a self-defence against the origin of reality (and thus, the proof that God has to defend the universe from forces outside the universe).