What Do Ladies Hair Bands and Condoms Have in Typical?

The tale arrived out in November of 2007, when a woman who owns a hair salon in China was suspicious of what was underneath the colorful, woven materials of a women hair band. As she unraveled the woven string, she identified a instead stunning discovery Sections and parts of a condom. It is believed that the condoms were being actually unused rejects that did not move excellent command measures and so they were resold to hair band manufacturing companies in the type of uncooked products. Nevertheless, according to sources, it is unclear irrespective of whether of not the condoms were being employed right before sent to the recycling plant. And if that is the case they could be harboring harmful germs and viruses, threatening to spread sexually transmitted disorders. YUCK!

The cause there is doubt as to irrespective of whether or not the condoms in this tale were formerly applied or not is because of to the truth that in 2002 the Shanghai Star described that rubber bands had been observed that did in simple fact consist of items of made use of, abandoned or manufacturing facility turned down condoms. According to the point out polices, these objects should have been despatched to a plastics manufacturing unit in Beijing.

So considerably these colorful women hair bands have only been observed in regional marketplaces and natural beauty salons in southern China. But which is not to say they can and will not make their way to the states. So, Consumer BEWARE!

I guess the moral of this story is “seeing is believing” and “it is really improved to be protected than sorry” and to stay away from all colourful hair bands that say Made in CHINA.