Top 5 OPM Bands

One of those bands is the Eraserheads. Who would have thought Eraserheads can still wow the Filipino crowd up until now? They became an icon of a successful OPM band. They were just ordinary Filipinos coming from different backgrounds and were given different opportunities but still share the same extraordinary passion, which is love for music. We love to listen and sing to their songs. We do it in the bathroom, while going to work, in parties, while waiting in line, before going to sleep or when drunk. It can be a hum or a memorized piece. Each song delivers a meaning or associates a memory from past experiences. Their songs have been there when no one else was. Let’s celebrate this relationship by giving them recognition to their creativity, guts and being a Filipino.

I have compiled the top 5 OPM bands (1990-2010) and rated them according to their impact, demand and sustainability amidst the competition in the world of Filipino music.

Top 5 is Bamboo. Two of the original Rivermaya band members founded this alternative rock band in 2002. They received 38 awards. They have done excellent compositions and made their fans go gaga. They could have gone to the number one spot but sadly, they disbanded this January 2011. I’m thinking that maybe you are thinking why they belong on 5th spot. Well, I feel that they were still Rivermaya.

Top 4 is Razorback (1990-2007) and Wolfgang (1992-2002 & 2007). These two Filipino OPM rock bands are like brothers coming from different mothers. Razorback influenced by Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Juan Dela Cruz Band. Wolfgang is more like Metallica, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam and The Doors. They belonged to the same genre, did explosive performances and rocked our brains out.

Top 3 is Rivermaya (1993-present). I admire this band for their tenacity and drive to survive to create more outstanding Filipino songs. Ten years after the band was formed, two of their original band mates, stayed in US after a US and Canada tour, and later on formed their own band which was known as “Bamboo.” Seven years later, their front man quit. Faced with another transition, the remaining members still managed to surpass this hurdle. They rose, believed in their strength and capabilities and ended up making a name for themselves.

Top 2 is Parokya ni Edgar (translated as Parish of Edgar). Among all of the bands, they use humor in their music. This Filipino rock band was formed in 1993 and still getting funnier each year. They were a bunch of college students. Years later, they became rock stars! Novelty, comical and satirical pieces have been their creations. They won 27 awards and endorsed 11 commercial products. They are adored and are highly demanded by the crowd. The secrets to their success? Great leadership by Chito Miranda, their lead vocalist, and just having fun.

And the Top 1 is, who else? Of course, it’s the Eraserheads! The Filipino rock band that rocks big time! Founded in 1989 but got their first break on 1993. They dominated their campus, and reigned over the local, regional and international market. For an estimate of a 10 year life span, this band earned the title, “The Beatles of the Philippines.” They won every nomination and made award-winning OPM songs. Still, the break up was inevitable. Even if they didn’t get back on their feet, it’s important to note that Eraserheads hits were still selling like hotcakes. What’s the magic formula? I wish I knew. I guess that’s the reason why they are still number one because nobody has ever dared to take their place. Nobody will ever be Eraserheads!