The Numerology of Elvis Presley – The King of Rock and Roll

In advance of Elvis, there was practically nothing. John Lennon

How significantly bigger praise could be given by one particular music superstar, John Lennon, to a different, Elvis Presley? But Beatles icon John Lennon was not the only musician to applaud the King of Rock and Roll. Planet renowned Twentieth Century American musician, conductor, composer, pianist, and writer Leonard Bernstein stated this of Presley, Elvis is the best cultural pressure in the Twentieth Century.

Could such plaudits be extra profound, specially when supplied by two esteemed world-wide icons? It are not able to get any superior than to be known as the “best cultural force” in a century or to have another person say that ahead of you there was almost nothing! Any person with these types of laurels dripping from his cape surely needs no additional introduction.

Several entertainers have captured the creativeness of the earth far more than Elvis Aaron Presley, born 8 January 1935 and passing from this world on 16 August 1977 at the age of forty-two. Recognized as the “King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis changed the encounter of the songs globe forever. He and his legacy continue to fascinate individuals the planet in excess of, magnetizing them to his everyday living and persona. Why?

  • What numbers built Elvis a world icon?
  • What is distinctive and rare about his Fundamental Matrix (individual profile)
  • What one variety was present during the time of his mother’s death, his divorce and his individual loss of life?

99-9 Triumvirate

The amount 9 is the most powerful, common, community and charismatic variety of the 9 basic numbers 1 by way of 9. When the 9 is multiplied eleven instances to develop into the 99, its electric power is magnified eleven situations, supplying it excessive recognition and public acclaim.

Albert Einstein and Amelia Earhart both experienced the universally highly effective grasp range 99-9 in their numerology charts. Elvis did far too. The excellent issue about Elvis Presley’s chart, on the other hand, is that he experienced a really exceptional tristack of 99-9 electricity: 1. Life PE ( Performance/Expertise-the purpose of his daily life) 2. Crown Epoch PE and 3. the sum of his Title Timeline PEs of “Elvis,” “Aaron” and “Presley.” As if this exorbitant total of 9 electricity have been not adequate, Elvis’s Lifepath and Expression (total beginning name) ended up also 9s. There was no way Presley could have lived a normal lifetime, permit by itself an not known a single. He was born into a community future which landed him atop the Mount of Songs.

Primary Matrix: Grasp Artistic Triad

Elvis’ Standard Matrix was also unusual. It housed, not just the 3-6-9 creative triad but also the 33-66-99 grasp inventive triad, a numerical structure reflecting a commanding stage of expertise and interaction. As observed, Presley’s Lifestyle PE was a 99. His Soul (the driving power of his lifetime) housed a 66-3 grasp lover energy, which was also present in his Substance Soul! His Content Nature (worldly identity) was a 33-6. In addition, all the figures of his Essential Matrix have been 3s, 6s and 9s.

Loss of life-Divorce-Dying

As fantastic as any individual is in life, struggling, sorrow, turmoil and tribulation are normally aspect of the recipe of destiny. The single quantity reflecting the tragedies of Elvis Presley’s existence was the amount 8, not simply because of its existence, but since of its absence. The identify Elvis Aaron Presley has no Hs, Qs or Zs, the letters equating to the 8, the electrical power of connection and its reverse, disconnection. When a letter is missing from a start name, a void happens. Voids are like missing wiring in a car. The voided electrical power of the 8 manifests as a disconnection and is penned as 8v.

Presley’s 1st Epoch housed the IR established (Impact/Fact) of 8v/8v. His 1st Obstacle was a 7/8v8v-7.This was during his early existence, its troubles and the dying of his beloved mother. This 8v/8v IR set also dominated his 2nd Problem, the time period of time of his divorce from Priscilla. Elvis died in August (8th calendar thirty day period), manifesting an 8v/8v IR set and also through the 512th thirty day period of his everyday living, an 8 in reduction, building an additional 8v/8v IR established. His Crown Pinnacle was also an 8v/8v. In all, Presley’s chart radiated a decaset (ten ingredient set) of the 8 void! It is this enormous sum of disconnective vitality that was current during all of Presley’s most challenging situations.


Large fame and enormous disconnection have been the dual sides of Elvis Presley’s life. His numerology chart displays much extra than this small short article relates. Yet, it demonstrates adequate to illustrate that future is not happenstance, that our lives abide by an inescapable predetermined route of situations and situations, and that all of us, no matter if paupers, commoners, kings, queens, icons, superstars or celebrated celebrities are powerless to improve the study course of future.