The Number One Thing a Good Artist Has to Have

Regardless of the culture or genre, music is something everyone has in common. It moves all of us, to the point where some long to create and recreate it. This is how musicians are born. Coupled with mainstream media sensations like American Idol, the plethora of new artists has inspired even more to express themselves through music. As we all know, this is one of the hardest professions to succeed in as the competition is fierce and the music industry itself is even more so. For every artist that ascends into the spotlight, thousands more fail.

So, what is it that makes a good artist? What separates Rhianna from the talented singer forced to work the night club scene? What’s the difference between Lil Wayne and the unsigned hype ripping the mic on battle night? There are many aspects that shape every musician but one of the most important of all is the producer.

Role of the Producer

Many often wonder what it is exactly a music producer does. To put it simple, the significance of the producer to music is equal to that of the director to film. When you watch a movie or sitcom, what you see are the efforts of numerous participants. This goes from the script and music score writers to makeup artists and set designers. All these elements are pieced together by one person – the director. It is the director’s vision that determines how these essentials come together and portray the story on the screen. The producer has similar responsibilities when it comes to recording a music project.

The music producer plays a tremendous role in the finished product that hits the streets and greets the ears of the listener. They work side by side with the artist, helping them choose the songs they want to record, grasping a sense of their vision for each track. After hearing the artist’s melody and lyrics, they can recommend the instruments and beats that best suit the emotional and artistic performance of the recording. When all the tracks are done, the producer goes to work, taking every element, carefully balancing and melding them together. They determine the effects that should be used as well as those that should be discarded. Once all the tracks have been laid to perfection, the producer gives it to the engineer for the final touches so it can reach the radio stations, music stores and consumers. The music producer’s deep involvement allows the artist to focus on what they do best – performing the songs.

What to Look for in a Music Producer

When looking for a music producer, the first thing you need to determine is whether or not the individual specializes in your style of music. Some producers are limited to a particular genre while others are well versed in many different styles. There is no right or wrong here; it’s all about finding someone who works best for the music you want to make. Another vital aspect is personality. After all, it will be difficult to churn out quality tracks with someone you can’t stand to be around. On top of experience, trust and clear communication are the most important aspects to creating a successful project.