The II-V-I Chord Progression

It is genuine that when you know your chords, they in convert will make a development. For example, the I, II and V chords of any vital are identified in a II-V-I chord progression. This 2-5-1 turns into the most prevalent chord progression played in jazz. Jazz musicians know that the 2-5-1 chords are the modes of the main scale. If you are just starting up out on the keyboard, while playing the music in the Vital of C, recall that the II-V-I development will be Dm7, G7 and C major 7th. The techniques of a important scale are numbered from I to vii. 

C = I
D = ii
E = iii
F = IV
G = V
A = vi
B = vii

The chord development that moves from the ii chord, that is the 2nd stage of the scale, is frequently played like this: D and F (Dm7) which is the ii and then transfer to the V, GB (G chord).

Listed here is a chord chart that I use to play this preferred progression on the piano.

Dm7 = DC/DF

G = GB/D

C = C/CE 

When I am taking part in a song in the Essential of F, I glimpse for the next, fifth and to start with note of the F Significant Scale.

Below is a rule that will support you bear in mind the sample in all keys: 

1. The II chord is constantly a small 7th chord.

2. The V chord is always a dominant 7th chord.

3. The I chord is a key 7th chord.

So, for the II-V-I progression in the Crucial of F, you would enjoy a G slight 7, C7 and F major 7th. A excellent comprehension about participating in this progression in all keys will assistance you to be fluent with improvising.

Listed here is a further tip. Enjoy this individual progression with 4 bars for starters and then stretch the development to eight bars of music. That usually means a chord could last a evaluate or two.

I adore jazz and a single of my favorites is Duke Ellington. He is thought of one particular of the greatest composers of jazz songs. He is well known for his swing audio and incorporates the expanded ii V chord progressions in lots of of his songs.

When I enjoy The Duke Speaks, I use D/DF, then G/GB and complete with C/DEG.

We have just touched on this chord development examine in significant keys. Get comfy learning the 2-5-1 chord progressions and then transfer on to the minimal keys.