Suggestions for Fixing Nail Pops in Drywall

It is extremely prevalent for screws in drywall to turn into free additional time. This bubbling, blistering, or bumpy effect in walls is prompted by the drywall pushing out the screw or nail heads as it shifts. This is referred to as nail pops in the drywall market. Commonly, this is a indicator that your partitions could be in have to have of new drywall perform and paint.

For premature nail pops, you can occasionally maintenance them with no skilled assistance. For larger sized or much more elaborate work, a qualified drywall contractor is the very best resource considering that they keep all the appropriate tools, equipment, and teaching. If you would like to resolve a few nail pops close to the household on your possess, go on reading through to find out some strategies for doing just that!

Nail Pop Fix

To repair service nail pops in your drywall, you will need a couple of materials. You may possibly have most of these materials on hand currently, and something you do not have can be uncovered at your community household improvement or components retail store. In this article is what you will will need:

  • Stud Finder (optional)
  • Hammer (or nail punch)
  • 2 Drywall Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Drywall Mud
  • Drywall Knife
  • Sandpaper (200 grit is good)
  • Paint and Primer

To get started out, be sure you have all the vital tools and supplies so that you will not have to quit halfway by means of to make a vacation to the store. As soon as you have every thing you will need, start out by locating the framing all around the area with nail pops. Use your fingers to tap the wall until eventually you can listen to a reliable reverberation alternatively of a hollow a person. You may perhaps also use a stud finder. When you find a sharper audio, tap each and every side to ensure it seems hollow. If this occurs, then you have situated the framing.

Future, use the drywall screws to re-connect the loosened drywall to the framing. Spot every screw 2 to 3 inches earlier mentioned and underneath the nail pop. Then use your hammer to depress the nail pop back again into the wall. Do this action carefully as to not place a hole or dent in the wall.

Use the drywall knife to scrap absent any surplus drywall product that has flaked or crumbled off. Then use the drywall mud to deal with the screw heads in the wall. Two coats should do the trick. Follow the guidance or search for on the net tutorials on how to apply drywall mud.

Very last, use your sandpaper to sand the drywall mud till it is even and easy. Then just complete the position with a contemporary coat of primer and paint.