Sony Ericsson W660i – Another Phone In The Walkman Series

Sony has launched its new phone in the Walkman series and this is Sony Ericsson W660i. It is loaded with great music features and thus is one of the most loved phones by the music lovers. Anyhow Sony is famous for providing good stereo sound through its players and when it comes to mobile phones, Sony is considered amongst the best!

If you are a music lover then the first thing that you will notice about Sony Ericsson W660i is that it has a number of music features that make it stand outside the crowd! The best one is the Track ID feature which is there to enable you to find a particular track and its details. With this feature, you can get the details if the album, genre and singer of a particular song.

Also, you can also send a few seconds recording of a song to a Gracenote Mobile MusicID database with the help of this Track ID feature. This can give you information about your type of music! Moreover, Sony Ericsson W660i’s player is designed to support music in various formats. With this phone, you also get Memory Stick in which you can store all your stuff in a sensible manner.

Besides these features, in Sony Ericsson W660i, you get all the basic functions of other Walkman series phones by Sony. This means there is easy buttons to access the player, you have FM radio, popular navigation keys and dedicated Walkman buttons. And these buttons are placed carefully above the keypad so that they are easy to use.

Moreover, the Sony Ericsson W660i is loaded with the Walkman player 2.0 which ensures that you do not have trouble while transferring music from your computer to your mobile phone. You just need to connect your phone to the PC, choose the tracks and transfer them to your new music player! You also have the 3G technology so that you can download more music with much ease.

Sony Ericsson W660i is available in two beautiful colors – rose red and record back. Choose the one that suits your attitude and rock with Sony Ericsson W660i!