Smooth Jazz Masterpiece

All things are possible when time is invested in what you love to do. Just knowing the fact that music is a way to escape and forget about your troubles is a wonderful thing. The versatility among recording artist to create and make feel good music is a delight. The latest composition taken from the “Destiny” project by Varges Thomas is again another work of excellence as he plays the piano and features his good friend saxophonist Anthony “Sax-tone” Arrington on saxophone.

The song titled V Spot on his EP; Varges says “this one is for the mature sophisticated grown and sexy audience.” So, whether you are taking a smooth ride on the scenic route, spending time at your favorite quiet place, the V-Spot takes you wherever your imagination chooses to go. A time to unwind, to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, a tender soothing body message, the piano has the sensual and sophisticated sounds with soft tone melodies that sets the mood to please music lovers and sets an atmosphere to enjoy a pleasurable setting with the one you love! So, turn off the lights, like some candles, and cuddle up to the V-Spot.

Good music that stands the test of time are songs that are arranged and produced with a vibe that touches the heart and soul of its listeners’. Recording artist who are capable of making music in different genres are the musicians who will be around for decades to come. As consumers who love to listen to great music from different genres, listening is a past-time to relax, reminisce and a time to get re-energized with a hope that each day will be better than the day before. Other smooth jazz artist such as: Brian Culbertson, Kenny G, and Boney James to name a few are musicians definitely with their own unique sounds that captivates their fan base.

For whatever your musical genre; keep in mind, it’s all about a feel, a purpose and meaning to get away from life’s distractions for a brief moment. We can all use something that frees us up from time to time. Music is beneficial for any and all cultures and for people to enjoy; at all times no matter the situation or genre. Next time you decide to chill at home or whether you are taking a ride on a country road, turn up the volume and let the music soothe your soul.