Rockstar Energy Drink is Searching For Some Hot Promo Girls – How to Become a Rockstar Promo Girl

Rockstar energy drink is kicking some butt and they are looking for some hot promo girls to advance their brands image. Rockstar energy drink is known for their fun and exciting parties. They have a huge mansion in the Hollywood hills and they really do party like Rockstars.

If you have ever been to a special event, I am sure you have seen the Rockstar energy drink girls. They are the girls that are having all the fun being the center of attention. How could you not have fun when a line a guys and girls are waiting to take pictures with you. You are treated like a celebrity.

Rockstar energy drink girls are always laughing and having a great time bringing pleasure to everyone. People love them because they are sexy, cool and they bring gifts in the form of key chains, shirts and even free energy drinks. How could you not love them?

They are literally hanging out working with a group of friends and making over $35 per hour. They get to wear some really sexy outfits and they even get to keep some of the outfits.

When the promotion is done they even get to take some free cases of Rockstar energy drink home with them.

If you want to become a Rockstar Energy Drink girl, you must fit the role. You must like to have a great time seducing guys and you need to like making money..

Seriously though, If you have a guys hitting on you when you go out and guys like hanging out with you then you are perfect for the job.

I have so many girls that approach me begging to become a promotional model. They sit back and watch how much attention my girls are getting and then they flip out after I tell them how much they make.

I pride myself in hiring the prettiest girls because my clients expect the best from me. I have to admit that it baffles me when I go to bars or party’s and see so many girls that could be making money with me.

There are so many girls that are clueless about becoming a promotional model. The majority of girls that I hire I find on the internet or in the bars and clubs.

The only problem I have is that when a girl applies on my site they do not present themselves correctly because they have no clue how to send the correct photos or their resume is all wrong…

If you are attractive and fun, don’t settle for a boring job and miss out on being the center of attention.