Resistance Band Workout That Anyone Can Get Ripped From

Tired of bad joints? Want something different? Want to start or continue to build muscle? Well this might just be the solution for you.

Resistance bands are a great way to keep those joints healthy while still being able to build and maintain muscles.

How do I build muscle? The key to building muscles with these is taking it slow. Whatever the workout may be, maintain an almost slow motion-like motion. Flex throughout the workouts, and hold the position for a second before releasing the contraction.

What muscles can you build with these? Here you go…


Chest: Push-outs

Place the resistance band handles in your hands while the middle of the bands is in the crack of a door or around a pole. Put the handles at your chest, just inside the shoulders and push out away from the body. Push out until the elbows are extended out fully, then bring them back in towards your chest.

Biceps: Curl ups

Place the handles in your hands while the middle of the bands is under your feet. The handles should be below the waist to start and then brought up towards your shoulders while keeping your elbows in the same place. The elbows should never move and are used as a pivot point.

Triceps: Pull/push downs

Place the handles in your hands while the middle of the bands is in front and above you on top of a door. Use your elbows as the pivot point for movement, keeping them in the same place the entire workout. Pull or push down until your elbows are locked, then slowly bring the bands back, and repeat.

Shoulders: Deltoid raise

Place the handles in your hands while the middle of the bands is under your feet. Start by relaxing your arms and hands, resting them on your sides. Slowly push your arms up while keeping your elbows locked.
Rotator cuff: Place one of the bands in your hand while wrapping the middle of the bands around a pole or at shoulder height of a door. Start with your elbow bent 90 degrees and your body sideways to the pole/center of the band. Slowly move your hand from the side of your body towards your chest and back. Keep your elbow at a 90 degree angle the entire exercise.

Traps: Shrugs

The bands need to be tight on this one because the range of motion is very small. Grip the handles at your sides, in a relaxed arm and hand position. The middle of the resistance bands are under your feet. Keep your elbows locked throughout the exercise and keep your arms at your sides. Slowly shrug your shoulders upwards, then back down. Go as high as you can.

Lower back: Dead lift

Step on the bands with feet at shoulder length apart. Have hands on handles about shoulder length apart as well. Back straight (don’t slouch back!). Knees are bent to begin motion with butt sticking out. Begin by using your legs (not your back) to push upwards until your knees are locked. The very last motion should be your back arching back. Go down the same way you came up, small motion with back at start, unlock knees, bend knees down, stick butt out, BACK STRAIGHT.

Quads: Leg Press

Place bands in hands at sides while laying with back on ground and feet up with knees bent. The middle of the bands on bottom of feet (best with shoes). Push legs out while keeping handles in same place. Upper body should not move at all during this exercise.

Calves: Upward calf

Place bands in hands at sides. Have the middle of the bands under your feet. Bands should be very tight because motion is little. Keeping your toes on the ground, push the heels of your feet upwards as high as they can go. Hold at the top for a second before letting them back down.

Quads/Hamstrings: Wall Squat

Place the middle of the bands on the bottom of a door crack. Place the handles in your hands just above your shoulders. Feet should be 10-20 inches away from door. Use the knees as your point of rotation. Keep your back straight throughout the exercise. Start with knees bent and push up until the knees are almost locked, the come back down slowly.

Hamstring: Hamstring curls

Lay flat on your stomach. Place the middle of the bands under a door crack. The bands’ handles should be around a foot. Use knee as point of rotation. Pull legs under knees up and in towards rest of body, then release back.