Picking a Microphone for Household Recording and a Household Studio

Picking a microphone for any event can be a challenging process. There are a lot of different types of microphones for lots of diverse apps. This is no various when it will come to choosing a microphone for residence recording or a household studio.

As a history producer, a whole lot of Artist and residence recording enthusiast talk to me all the time “what style of microphone must I get for residence recording?” When there is no definitive all all around fantastic mic for all recording purposes, there are some wise options one can make when choosing a microphone for recording instruments and vocals.

The AKG 414 ranges from $500 to $1000 depending on the capsule selections and how new it is. The AKG 414 is a condenser microphone and will come with selectable polar patterns which dictates the direction in which the mic gets sound. e.g. Cardioid receives sound in front of the Microphone. Bi-directional receives audio from the entrance and again, omnidirectional receives audio from all about the mic and hypercardioid is particularly centered in the front.

The new C414 XLS has all of these designs and extra. A total of 9 designs can be chosen from a switch on the back again of the mic. The 414 also has selectable pads which attenuate the seem level coming into the microphone. That means, if you place the mic on anything loud like a snare drum, or guitar amp, you can attenuate (flip down) the input to the microphone. This is practical for guitar amps, drums, some horns and even some singers. This Mic is just one of my favorites on feminine vocals, Acoustic guitars, electrical Guitars, pianos and percussion. The 414 has good substantial frequency reaction and variety generating it a person of my favorite residence and professional consumer microphones.

My other preference of microphone for underneath $1000 is the Shure SM-7. This mic is a classic and only cost about $300 generating it extremely inexpensive for residence recording. The Positive SM-7 is a staple in Rock and Rap designs of audio and is applied most often for male vocals. You have read this mic in motion on a ton of recordings from Michael Jackson to John Mayer as very well as on practically just about every radio station. The SM-7 is also used for voice narration and is a favorite of radio DJ’s. The Shure SM-7 microphone has a very low enter amount so you can transform up the mic pre amp volume. I use this mic about my $10,000 tub mic’s very typically on Rock and rap vocals.

As a Audio Producer, I get requested the microphone alternative question all the time. Like most people recording at residence, your finances is almost certainly restricted. With the AKG 414 and the Shure SM-7 you must be equipped to handle a massive volume of recording apps and you are guaranteed to get a lot of bang for your buck.