P90X Resistance Bands Vs Bodylastics Exercise Bands

So which is better for your P90X training? The P90X resistance bands or Bodylastics? Well in this article you will get the information you need and the answer may just surprise you!

One of my clients was recently laid off from his job until no longer afford to have a personal trainer. I felt really bad because he’s just beginning to make some serious progress. But, we all have to make sacrifices.

He has not given up on his exercise and fitness program. He has promised me to continue to workout at home and check in with me once a week by telephone. His friend recently gave him the P90X workout and exercise DVDs.

So, on his weekly telephone call he asked me which are the best the P90X bands or the Bodylastics exercise resistance bands.

I already own the Bodylastic exercise bands so I decided to purchase the P90X resistance bands. They are also called the B Lines Resistance Bands.

So here is my P90X Resistance Bands Versus Bodylastics

The first major difference between these 2 resistance bands is that the Bodylastic bands allows you to attach up to 7 bands to one handle. In this way, it acts more like a good set of adjustable dumbbells than just a plain old set of resistance tubing.

The second thing that makes the Bodylastics resistance exercise bands stick out is that the manufacturer offers a lifetime replacement warranty on his product. The P90X resistance bands does not seem to offer any warranty on the product from what I could find in their packaging or at their website.

The basic B Lines Resistance Bands extreme kit comes with 3 bands and 2 sets of handles and sells for just under $40.

The Bodylastic basic tension system comes with 4 bands and 2 handles. They also include a set of ankle straps and a door anchor that allows you to perform exercises similar to using a LAT pulldown machine. (You can perform approximately 140 exercises with this system.)

You also get a circuit training DVD and one-year online access to their video training center at Strength Band University. This set sells for just under $46.

While P90X resistance bands are up about five dollars cheaper than the Bodylastics exercise system the addition of the ankle straps, door anchor, and lifetime warranty make the Bodylastics resistance exercise bands a much better bargain than the P90X bands.

One last thing, P90X offers a 30 day money back guarantee while Bodylastics offers you a 60 day money back guarantee. So, if you want to try them both out you can do so without risking your money.