New Orleans Jazz – Information and Sights – Jim Robinson

Nathan “Jim” Robinson – born December 25th 1892 at Deer Array Louisiana: died Might 4th 1976 in New Orleans. Just a minor little bit of historical past to get this show on the highway!

Jim analyzed guitar as a child but took up trombone in the army in the First Environment War. He returned to New Orleans in 1919 and was excellent ample to be part of the Sam Morgan Band in which he was a fixture for a dozen a long time. He researched with Sunny Henry and worked with Lee Collins in the Gold Leaf Band.

He stayed energetic during the Melancholy, predominantly with Avery “Child” Howard and was a standard with the George Lewis Band.. Jim recorded with the Sam Morgan Band in the 1920’s, famous recordings that have been re-issued lots of periods. He was on the Kid Rena Decca periods and is of course on most of Invoice Russell’s Bunk Johnson recordings. One of the finest Jazz Band recordings transpired at this time, with Bunk missing, Jim Robinson and George Lewis together with Baby Dodds, Sluggish Drag and Lawrence Marrero developed the fantastic anthem of New Orleans collective jazz improvisation. It can be yours to listen these days on American Music AMCD 4. The tune is termed “San Jacinto Stomp” – it is my desert island disc – but much more of that afterwards. Now pay attention to “Ice Cream” with Jim supplying it his all and again there are no solos, just jazz. It is on AMCD 2 and by the way, listen diligently to Toddler Dodds on the drums.

Jim toured and recorded many periods with George Lewis and Kid Howard, and designed some excellent recordings under his own identify on the Riverside label..This is a small portion of Jim Robinson’s pretty chaotic tunes-loaded daily life. I am not attempting a biography listed here, my principal function is to get you to pay attention to”Large Jim” yourselves! Scathing critics in the mainstream and modern-day jazz fields have carped at the obvious simplicity of his design, “the agricultural trombone of Jim Robinson” said a person critic in the Jazz Journal.

Obtaining invested my existence researching, taking part in, dwelling and loving New Orleans Jazz, I can explain to you that far more trombone players have tried out and provided up in irritation striving to emulate the Jim Robinson design. I’m not talking about copying Jim observe for take note. No one would want to copy George Lewis, Jim Robinson, Bunk Johnson or Kid Howard. What we are seeking for is the type -the objective of the instrument in a jazz band participating in in the New Orleans ensemble The previously mentioned musicians truly produced a design and style – yes – an primary creation for us to hear to, enjoy and even emulate.

I can convey to you that the thrill of taking part in and listening to a band in this design and style is for me “The meaning of lifestyle” The quest for the orgasmic wall of rhythmic sound that is not organized and spontaneous ensemble improvisation is nirvana.

I suppose my desert island disc would be American Tunes AMCD 2 “When You and I were being Youthful Maggie”

But I deliver you a warning – this songs is addictive – beware! Wait around a minute I have obtained a different ought to-have! In 1963 Tom Bethel recorded Child Howard at San Jacinto Corridor in New Orleans with Kid Howard, Jim Robinson, George Lewis, George Guesnon, Slow Drag and Cie Frazier. It is really on GHB 23 – I’ve bought to have that just one with me! Glance out – here comes an additional one Jim Robinson stars here on “Moonlight and Roses on GHB