Natural Male Enlargement Alternative to Jelqing

There are many ways to make your penis bigger and they are not all painless and pretty. One of the primary ways that people have found is jelqing. This is a painful and dangerous way of getting enlargement benefits for yourself. Lets talk about some safe alternatives to this solution. The main ones include penis extenders, male enhancement pills, surgery, pumps, stretching by hand, and hanging weight from it (not recommended). It is necessary to explore alternatives to jelqing because effects include misshapen penises and painful results. No man should have to go through that.

#1 Alternative (Extension Device)

The first solution for men who want to enlarge themselves is penis extenders. This is actually a painless technique and can pay off in the long run. It is good because you can expect to see results that are permanent. Additionally, extenders can be worn for up to 12 hours a day in a discreet manner. For example, during a business meeting it would not be noticeable if you had one on. Extenders work by something called penis traction and this will give you more girth and length. The amount of size that extenders give your penis shows in clinical studies to be about an increase of 1.1 inches in length within a few months. The girth increase is about half of that. It is recommended that you find a penis extender that uses very high quality materials so you get the best results possible.

#2 Alternative (Male Enhancement Pills)

This method is fairly effective at giving your penis a boost during and before sex. It might result in a slight permanent increase in size after you have taken the pills for a little while, but is mainly for giving results specifically in the erectile dysfunction category. This means you will be experiencing higher sex drives and larger erections as a result of increased blood flow and better penis health. One thing that is interesting is that there are a few enhancement pills available that may increase the size of your balls by giving higher sperm counts and potency. The main ingredient that can do this for your body is zinc.

#3 Alternative (Surgery)

Getting penis enlargement surgery can be scary. It is done by injecting extra skin and tissue into the penis as well as weekly injections of substances that may result in scarring, bruising, and a misshapen penis. However, some people find the procedure to go pretty good and like it. Results can be quick and include girth and length increases that may take months with the penis extenders. This method is going to be more expensive then any other method. Today I was just reading on a forum that went through his experience with the surgery method. He had some pain for the first week primarily during erections. Some ways to combat this were suppose to be daily massaging. He did this, and after a little while the pain stopped. The results from his excursion seemed to be good and he had increases of a few inches in length and his girth shot up to almost 5 inches. This is massive and if you have the money, it could be an effective way to get a bigger penis.

Overall, the best enlargement method is penis extenders with the use of male enhancement pills. The reason for this is that it gives men a lot of leniency as to when they can have sex and also enhances their sexual performance. Another benefit of this is that it can be very safe and have no side effects to deal with such has bruising and long term physical problems.