Make Your Own Frank N Furter Costume For Halloween

I would definitely love to choose to dress up like a character from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. My choice would have to be to dress up like Tim Curry as Frank N Furter. This was my favorite, and probably, the most well known character from the film. He was best known for his slutty transvestite attire and therefore he would be my choice for an unusual, shocking and highly creative costume.

Wearing a Sweet Transvestite, Frank N Furter costume would require me to put aside all modesty and go out half naked, but I think it would be well worth it. I would probably piece together the costume myself from different garments – but I would not buy a pre-made version because then I wouldn’t be able to show off my creativity and it would probably cost a lot more than going to a thrift store and buying the pieces myself.

First I would go to a costume shop and purchase a cheap wig resembling the hair of Frank N Furter. If my memory serves me correctly it was kind of curly and black. When I say costume shop, I really mean one of those cheap, seasonal Halloween shops that pop up in late September and early October but I’m sure I could find it online too.

So while at the Halloween shop I would get a cheap tube of white cream for my face, or, since I don’t wear hooker red lipstick normally, I might just buy a cheap costume make up package. The kind of package that has white face paint and red for the lips all together.

While at the Halloween shop I would grab a pair of tacky, fishnet panty hose for like $1.00. I would probably save money doing it this way. Next I would head over to the local thrift shop and browse through the lingerie section and try to find some kind of bustier that I could cut down the front and lace up. The last time I was at the thrift shop, believe it or not, they actually had tons of bustiers with the garter attachments I would need for the costume.

Good Will is where I usually find what I need for most of my Halloween outfits. I assume a Frank N Furter Costume will be no different. So I would grab a black bustier with garters. Then I would look for some elbow length gloves and cut the fingers out. These gloves would be black. Then I would find the tackiest pair of platform high heels I could find and a pair of black spandex biker shorts. I would cut the shorts off to resemble panties.

Next I would have to purchase spray glitter and go crazy with it on the entire outfit. Then I would put on the wig, paint my face white with red lips and dress in the glittery bustier, gloves, and attach the garters to my fishnet hose. Then I might even throw in a full length vampire-type cape for the full affect.

This is why Halloween is my favorite holiday, because you get to be creative and dress up like anything you want to shock your friends. And when I think of shocking, I don’t know about you, but who else comes to mind but Frank N Furter? Tim Curry in drag? A Sweet Transvestite costume? Now we’re talking. And if you want to act out your best Rocky Horror fantasy, then you couldn’t do any better than by wear an authentic Frank N Furter Costume For Halloween.