Lil Wayne’s 5 Dumbest Tattoos

1. “A-GUN” the text “a-gun” are tattooed on the palm of Lil Wayne, you know like “I have “a gun” in the palm of my hand” tremendous lame strategy for a tattoo and a undesirable position to get just one. The palm is infamous for lousy therapeutic and needing to be touched up frequently.

2. “Stars” Lil Weezy has covered a three to 4 inch part of the left aspect of his face with stars. He at the time had a tear fall tattooed below his eye it was lined with a little tribal tattoo, now there are about nine or 10 stars encompassing the tribal piece.

3. “Accomplice flag” He has a Confederate struggle flag tattooed across his belly and heading onto his rib cage, over the huge flaming “Hard cash Income” logo. 1 can only question what he was wondering getting these types of a controversial symbol tattooed so boldly on his entire body.

4. “ESPN Logo” Lil Wayne has the ESPN emblem tattooed on his still left arm above his elbow. It is in bold black lettering identical to the real brand itself and is about 4 inches extensive. Lil Wayne Has various brand tattoos together with a notable Rolls Royce tattoo.

5. “Smiley confront” Weezy has a smiley encounter tattooed on his interior lip. The internal lip is a horrible place to get tattooed, the tissue is extremely comfortable generating it really hard for the artist to use the ink in an appropriate way. Even completed by a experienced tattoo artist in the greatest of situation a lip tattoo will often guide to issues for the operator.