Korean Men Exposed – 5 Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know

With the increasing popularity of K-Pop culture catching on, many people especially women are willing to find out more about contemporary Korean culture. Sexy and seductive Korean actors in dramas whipped up amorous fantasies among women. This led to many Asian women hoping to find their ideal Korean lover.

If you are considering dating or marrying a Korean man, please read the following carefully:

Myth #1. Korean men like interracial dating

Sorry to break your heart but these guys preferred the company of women who are of the same nationality. Due to the conservative cultural upbringing where they are less likely to be adventurous in relationships. Parental pressure also play a part which some  parents have no tolerance for having a daughter in-law from different racial background.

Myth #2. Older Korean men are more reliable

Be wary of older males (30s-40s) who are still single and available. There is a reason why they are still single; because no Korean woman wants to marry him!

There is a strong social pressure for them to get married early at the right age. So keep your eyes open when some of them who are over 30 years old comes along. Either he is going through some unusual circumstances or there is definitely something wrong with him.

Although there are always exceptions, Korean women tend not to avoid marrying divorced men or men living in rural areas as farmers. Venture at your own risk.

Myth #3. Korean men are sweet loving and gentleman

Here’s the shocking reality; Unlike those actors where they are always seen as longing for true love, the majority of Korean males are prejudiced. That means that they are biased against people whose skin color are darker than them especially Southeast Asians who are generally darker than Koreans.

Myth #4. Korean men are gentle, kind yet sensitive with woman

Most of them are true (grab hold of these fine species) but there are always some black sheep.  They have a tendency to be very proud of themselves. Look out for those who are self centered and male chauvinist. You may want to keep your distance away from them.

Myth #5. You are dating/married to him only

When you are dating or marrying a Korean man, you are actually dating or marrying his whole family. Due to traditional values, they respect their parents highly especially their mothers. Try to get to know more of his friends and family. The better your relationship with his family, the better your relationship with him.