Klingon Weapons 101

Klingon weapons are used by the humanoid race called Klingons who feature in the popular Star Trek series. Klingons were first introduced into the Star Trek universe during the episode Errand of Mercy. A humanoid race, they are the main antagonists in Star Trek: The Original Series, later to become the allies of the United Federation of Planets.

Klingon battles are sacred affairs and much ceremony is involved. As such, their weapons are held in high regard and their weaponry has evolved over time to more complicated forms. The most traditional and one of the oldest forms without a doubt is the Bat’leth. A two handed sword, this weapon is an iconic item to the Klingon Empire, recognized throughout the world as a traditional Klingon weapon.

The Klingon Bat’leth is made of a crescent shape with four pointed ends. Although it is not used in battle as much as it used to be, it is still ever present in ceremonies and rituals performed by the Klingon race. The Mek’leth is another Klingon weapon and is very similar in appearance to the Bat’leth, however it represents more of a fighting knife than a sword. Usually a foot in length, this weapon is very intimidating indeed and is a regular weapon of choice in Klingon battles.

The D’k tahg is another very popular Klingon weapon, used as a concealed weapon as it is much smaller in comparison to the size of the formidable Mek’leth and Bat’leth. Aside from being great for concealment, it is also a deadly throwing weapon. At the touch of a button, two additional blades pop out from the sides to accompany the main blade.

Another less well known weapon is the Jejtaj. It could be compared to modern day brass knuckles. Another ancient Klingon weapon is the Chonnaq although this weapon is archaic and pre-dates most of the Klingon history books. Klingon weapons make up a very important part of the Klingon tradition and culture. Seeing that battle is such a ceremonious event, you must choose your weapons carefully.