Interesting Facts About Scottish Folk Music

When most people think of Scotland, they picture men in kilts and parades of bagpipers playing, but there is so much more than that to Scottish music. There is no doubt that bagpipes and fiddles are an important aspect of the Scottish musical tradition. However, interesting facts about Scottish folk music tell us that the music is interwoven with the country’s rich culture and history.

The Scottish are known in particular for their beautiful folk ballads, which are stories told in verse and intended to be sung. In most cases, the authors of the ballads are unknown, which makes them even more haunting and beautiful. These songs have been known and loved by Scottish families for generations, with some of them dating all the way back to the 12th century.

Although bagpipes are the universal symbol for Scottish music, there are a great many instruments that are used in the country’s native songs. Many familiar instruments are mainstays in Scottish folk music, such as the flute and harp. In addition, there are some lesser known instruments that are regularly played, such as a goatskin drum called the bodhran.

Many people may not realize that Scottish folk music is enjoyed by Scottish families every day, not only on special occasions. There are many contemporary Scottish artists who keep their heritage alive by playing music in the traditional folk style. Children are taught not only how to play the traditional instruments, but how to do the customary folk dances as well.

The people of Scotland are very proud of their musical heritage, and rightfully so. Learning some interesting facts about Scottish folk music will reveal what a long and fascinating tradition it is. The combination of interesting traditional instruments and beautiful storytelling create songs that speak to generations, whether or not they are of Scottish descent.