How to Write a Hit Song

I started singing at the age of seven and writing at the age of twelve. I’ve tried writing acappella, which was great but didn’t do much for me when I wanted to put instrumentals with the lyrics. Now while everyone has their own way of getting through this process I have found a way to write a song effectively to satisfy the general mass.

I put up a few samples of my songs on my profile and got a lot of positive feedback. Friends were even leaving comments, messages and coming to me in person asking if I could teach them how to write a song. This way of writing is for those who don’t have the equipment to make their own beats to fit the song they have written.

Here are the steps.

1. Figure out what genre of song you are planning on going into. There are a lot out there to choose from but it should be in the same genre as the music you generally already listen to.

2. What topic will you be focusing on? Love, Life, Friends?

3. Now narrow that topic down to a more specific subject. Such as catching your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating or how you are completely content with your life or the great or not so great friends that you have. The options are endless to choose from. The more specific you are the more other people will respond to the song because it is more meaningful.

4. Study the instrumental. Does the beat stay the same throughout the whole duration? Are there shifts in the tempo at certain points? Meaning the speed of the beat. This will help you with the flow of words and getting a sense of the rhythm.

5. Lastly, if nothing comes to you right away listen to the beat and start humming along with it. Then add any words to your humming. You will get an idea of how you want to sing it and then just start putting pen to paper of the actual words you want to sing.

That’s it!