How To Make Popcorn

Popcorn is made from a type of flint corn. Kernels of this corn have a hard outer shell and are starchy inside. Dry roasting these kernels in a specific way makes them pop up. Kernels are normally dried to a moisture level of approximately 13.5%, which is the most favorable moisture content for popping up this corn. Popcorn is obtained by popping these kernels and is a favorite snack for many people.

Traditionally, people used to toast corn over an open fire until the corn began to pop. Another traditional method of popping corn is to put the loose kernels into an electric device that heats the kernels and makes them pop. People can also melt butter and pour it over the popcorn. Many people also make popcorn in the microwave, as it proves to be very convenient.

There are many machines available currently, for people to choose from to make popcorn. These machines help to make popping corn an easy task. Before people plan to buy an electric popper, it is always important to find out whether the machine is automatic or non-automatic. An automatic popper usually contains a thermostat that automatically shuts off the heating element at the end of popping cycle. This is very helpful for people who are making popcorn for the first time. With a non-automatic popper, people have to be more careful to prevent burning the popcorn once it is completely popped. It is also very important to disconnect the poppers promptly after use.

There are different ways of making popcorn, and for more information people can always refer to online sites that give detailed information on different ways to pop corn at home.