How to Make Mourning Bands For Badges

Typically law enforcement officers and firefighters wear a black band over the badge at the time of the death of a comrade. They are also worn at annual memorial services. These are very simple and quick to make. Badges vary in size, but I have found that the bands I make fit almost every badge I have seen. To make mourning bands I use 3/4-inch black, non-roll elastic. Other elastic can be used and the width can vary. However, I have found 3/4-inch generally looks the best over the badge. Cut strips of elastic 2-1/4-inch in length. With right sides together, sew the ends in a 3/8-inch seam. Turn and the band is complete. These bands will stretch to approximately 3-inches in length. Varying sizes of bands can be made by altering the length of the strips.

To reduce problems in sewing small strips of elastic like this, use a needle designed for knits. Be certain you begin stitching in from the edge with your threads to the back of your work. Back stitch both at the beginning and end of the seam.

These simple bands hold tremendous meaning for law enforcement and firefighters. It is an outward sign of their grief and also provides a way to honor the one that has died. You may not be an accomplished seamstress, but it is a great project for even a novice. It is possible to hand sew these also with several back stitches. However, machine sewing is quicker and provides a more secure band.