How to Get Your Ex Back From Another Girl! Stop Sulking Over it & Follow These Tips Right Away

So your ex has moved on and got himself a brand new girl. What do you do? Cry over your lost hopes and nurse your aching heart? Well that’s not going to get your ex back. So get up and get a sneaky plan in place to make your fairy tale come true. Here is what you need to do to get your ex back from another girl.

Look hotter than his present girlfriend
You must have seen him with his present girlfriend. Now you need to work on your looks and start looking better and hotter than her. When you look great your ex will immediately begin to think that maybe he didn’t get a good deal after all.

Reconnect with him
You need to first just reconnect with him. Look like you have moved on. Talk to him and tell him that you would like to put the past behind you and at least be comfortable with each other. This will put your ex at ease with you.

Become buddies
Soon you will begin to bond with your ex. Don’t throw yourself at him but offer to go out together in a group occasionally. This will help the two of you get closer and will not make him or his girl friend uncomfortable with you.

Like his present girlfriend
Get introduced to his present girlfriend and at least pretend to like her. Don’t make any snide remarks regarding her. Make her feel comfortable with you by talking well of your ex and telling her that you completely support her relationship. Gain her confidence to get into their inner circle.

Talk well of her to him
You must also make sure that you praise his girlfriend to him. He must never feel that you are jealous or insecure. Tell him that he is lucky to have a girl like his present girlfriend in his life. Show him that you are the good person who really likes his present girlfriend.

Create some friction
You can now create a little bit of friction between the two. Take the buddy act a little more seriously and show his girlfriend how much better you know him than her. She will eventually feel threatened and ask him to choose between the two of you. And since she will be the one asking him to make a choice, she will automatically become the villain. Men hate it when women make them choose!

Be a little unavailable
Now through all this look like you are moving on and dating casually. Never be truly available until they break up and be the support he needs. He will be back as your boyfriend soon after that.