How To Buy Cowboy Spurs – Your Ultimate Cowboy Spur Buying Guide

Cowboy spurs are an essential piece of cowboy gear. The very idea of the cowboy spur conjures up images of rugged cowboys and western living.

In the following article, we will explain the purpose of this western-wear equipment and offer advice for buying cowboy spurs, as well.

Common Uses

Cowboy spurs are used for different reasons like practical uses for horse riding, and, for collectible purposes and adorning purposes. The purpose for spurs in horse riding is generally for steering the horse.

Cowboys are actually able to dig into the sides of the horse using the rowels of the spurs, and utilizing the tack and the reins to help in steering. Spurs are utilized in horse riding for horse exhibits, farm work, rodeos and trail rides.

When not in use for horse riding, they can be used as decoration by hanging this western accessory on the wall. In addition, collectible spurs can also be purchased as an investment because with the proper care, these cowboy accessories only increase in value.

Guide to Buying

These items can be purchased from the maker (for a custom design), or bought from antique stores, farm auctions, estate auctions, pawn shops, yard sales, tack stores or online auctions.

People who are buying for horse riding have a number of totally different elements to contemplate and different designs to select from, too. Spurs for horse riding could be ornamental or plain, have swing buttons or upturned buttons and be created with narrow or wide bands.

What’s more, the size of the rowel, kind of the rowel, shank lengths, shank curve as well as optional heel chains depend upon individual or professional preference. People who are new to horse riding and equipment might wish to purchase two or more different kinds to determine what works best.

It may be a good idea to buy several pairs to use for different purposes (training, shows or trail riding) and a separate pair of spurs for each horse, as well. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that spurs that are designed for women and youth are smaller in heel depth and width.

Spurs as Collectibles

For collectible purposes, western spurs are made in a variety of styles and feature the mark or brand (stamped or engraved with initials, a name or symbol) of the person who made them.

Collectible versions increase in value with age and use; therefore, old unmarked spurs are valuable. However, these older models are not necessarily for individuals who are new to collecting because they can be hard to identify.

Spurs for house adorning purposes are the simplest kind to buy. The style of ornamental cowboy spurs depends totally upon personal preference. People can purchase what is appealing to them and their very own decorating style.

Collectible editions are really great for decorating because not only do these types of spurs make beautiful decorations, but additionally they increase in market value, also. Furthermore, decorative cowboy spurs could be bought at most tack shops or internet auctions for an affordable price.