Homemade Penis Enlargement Devices

Let’s face it; having a large penis goes a long way, especially when it comes to sexually pleasing a woman. Sadly, not all men are endowed with a penis that can make women quiver upon seeing it. No need to worry. There are numerous ways of enlarging the penis and the most effective methods are also the most cost efficient. Aside from exercises that can be done at home, home made penis enlargement devices can also be made to help in lengthening and widening the penis.

Hanging weights on the penis is one way to make it longer. This method has been used in Egypt for ages. A home made hanger may be used here. A hanger can be made out of a flexible PVC hose, an S-hook, and a band clamp which are all found in hardware stores. Just shape the PVC hose and drill a hole where the S-hook should go. Then use the band clamp for tightening and adjusting the hose. Before attaching a hanger, it is ideal to first wrap the penis with a cloth. This will help make the hanger more stable and will also avoid having wounds and other irritations on the penis. After the penis is wrapped, the hanger may then be attached. The hanger should not be too tight that blood will not be able to circulate. It should also be placed at the right position, which is one inch behind the head. Weights may be added when the hanger is secured in place. Suspending weight could be done for a few minutes a day, that is, with a maximum of twenty minutes. Going beyond twenty minutes might cause irreparable damage to the penis.

Rubber bands may take the place of metal cock rings for the purpose of enlarging the penis. The testicles and the penis are inserted into the rubber band to trap the blood in the penis. The engorging of blood will produce pressure in the penis thus allowing the tissues and nerves to expand. Penis enlargement exercises such as the jelq and Kegel exercises may be performed with the presence of the rubber band. Rubber bands could also be worn all throughout the day if it won’t cause extreme discomfort.

An improvised stretcher may also be made at home using foam pipe insulators, duct tape, and Velcro. The stretcher is made by cutting a piece of foam insulator that will stretch the penis to its maximum length when it wraps the penis. Wrap the duct tape outside of the foam to strengthen it. Secure the foam on the penis by means of the Velcro. The Velcro should be tight enough to trap the blood in the penis without completely cutting off blood circulation. The stretcher could be worn for a maximum of twenty minutes a day. If the maximum length for this stretcher is achieved, it is possible to make a longer stretcher to make the penis even longer.

These home made penis enlargement devices should be used with caution to avoid any kind of injury to the penis. They should be taken off when they become very uncomfortable. Men with vascular diseases, such as diabetes and nerve disease, should totally avoid any penis enlargement method.