Gossip Girl Episode 17 Recap – "Woman on the Verge"

“Woman On the Verge” brings a whole new dose of drama, but it also shows us a different side of the characters we have come to know. After Serena shares her secret with Blair, the entire group of friends rallies around her and is genuinely concerned about her best interests. Old and new relationships are tested and brought into the light and in the end some things end up being forgiven, but new faults are created.

Instead of coming clean to Dan about where she has been and what is going on, Serena decides to lie to him about her past. She also tells Dan that she slept with some guy that she had met the night before so that he would no longer expect that she was hiding something from him. In the meantime, Blair, Nate and Chuck are trying to help Serena figure out how to deal with the details of the night a boy died in from of herself and Georgina from a cocaine overdose.

Lily suspects that Serena is falling back into her old party ways and discovers a tape that Georgina is using to continue blackmailing Serena. After threatening Serena with reform school, Blair lets Lily in on the details of Georgina’s deceit and Serena’s guilt. Serena is able to forgive herself for the night that changed her life with the help of the dead overdose victim’s parents and Lily’s help.

In the meantime, Georgina continues her charade with Dan and comes clean about her name but not her past. When Georgina finds out that Serena told the truth about their last wild night together and that everyone is on to her lies she convinces Dan to leave Rufus’ concert with her. Georgina upsets Serena further by texting her a message that she is going to sleep with Dan to get back at her.

Gossip Girl Last week’s episode 16 was so awesome to the point that I cannot imagine how it could be better. This week Gossip Girl Episode 17 definitely makes this show one of the best TV Shows on the CW.