Gospel Reggae – A New Exciting Christian Genre Gospel Reggae

These days being a Christian is not just about wearing uncomfortable clothing and say ‘Amen’ to everything. Nope not anymore, these days modern Christians live a modern lifestyle. For example I am a Gospel Reggae DJ… read on to hear my story.

Okay so I was born and raised in the United Kingdom in a community that had a very strong Caribbean population, especially Jamaicans. Although I am a hybrid of Irish and Scottish roots my neighbourhood had a very strong impact on my life and from a very young age I was in love with all things Jamaican, not least the sweet, sweet sounds of Reggae.

True Reggae has a real sense of class and vintage about it, which like wine is more appreciated the older it gets. Artists such as the great Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs have tracks that are simply legendary and will get any dancehall rocking.

This wonderful musical genre was my passion for years. So it will be no surprise for you to learn that when I became a Christian the first thing I did was look for Gospel Reggae music.

During the mid nineties there was not much of a choice, in fact I have to be honest and say some of the material released was pretty dire. However in recent years a number of high profile Reggae artists have become Christian. This includes people like Papa San, Chevelle Franklyn and Stitchie. In fact I have just heard that Sasha a well known female vocalist from Jamaica who has featured with greats such as Sean Paul has now become a Christian and is releasing music.

So my passion has become an obsession and I now enjoy a worldwide reputation as a specialist DJ playing nothing but Gospel Reggae. I have my own radio show and am part of a Gospel Reggae Sound called Soulcure… life is good.

These days Gospel Reggae has come far, in fact there are so many new albums released even an addict like me struggles to keep up. There are now specialist web sites including a number of online web stores that stock literally thousands of the latest Gospel Reggae and Gospel Dancehall music. You can purchase singles as downloads and hard copy CD’s. In addition to this the same can be found on the big online stores such as Amazon and iTunes.

I know many people are very interested in the music and would love to hear it.